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10 simple ways to stay active at home

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But now more than ever it’s important to look after both your physical and mental health, and movement can help do just that.

Here are some ideas to help you stay active, even if you don’t think of yourself as the sporty type.

Clean the house

When was the last time you did a deep clean of the house? This is something productive which you’ll be glad to have done. But you’ll also be surprised how hard you work when you’re reaching up to dust, pushing the hoover around, and scrubbing away stubborn stains.

Try a home workout

There are lots of online virtual workouts you can try, and there are many benefits to doing online virtual classes.

You can also use many normal household items which can be turned into pieces of exercise equipment. Think using a chair to do step ups and tricep dips on, or using bottles of water as weights.

Re-arrange your room

Why not move some furniture around? Refreshing your space by moving around some furniture will make a room feel fresh and new. Plus, all that lifting and shifting will increase your heart rate and counts towards your activity goals too.

Do some deskercise

Even when sitting at your desk, or make-shift desk, there are plenty of desk exercises and stretches you can do to keep your joints happy.

Have a dance

Put on your favourite song and have a bit of a dance. You could get anybody else working from home or even your little ones involved too. This is sure to improve your mood, and dancing around is also a great workout.

Do some gardening

If you’ve got a garden with some grass, now might be a good time to mow the lawn. Pushing the lawn mower around will definitely increase your activity levels, as would bending down to pot any plants or going back and forth from the wheelie bin while weeding.

If you can, get some of those gardening tasks checked off and increase your activity levels at the same time.

Play hide and seek around the house

If there are children in the house, a game of hide and seek is a fun way to pass the time. It’ll also keep any little ones occupied for a while, as well as increase the activity levels of all those involved.

Do some laundry

Doing a few loads of laundry is a good way to get some productive movement in. Lugging the hamper to and from the machine as well as pegging your clothes up to dry in the garden, all counts towards your movement goals.

Clean your car

You could get the hoover out to clean the inside of your car. All theat reaching under the seats and into the nooks of the car, and cleaning the windows, both inside and out, will definitely raise your heart rate.

Have a sort out

We all have that one drawer or cupboard we’ve been meaning to sort out for ages. Now’s the time to do it. And the great news is, the more stuff you have to sort out, the more active you’ll be.

Sam Davis Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Sam is a content writer and sport enthusiast with a keen interest in football, judo, and hockey.


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