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Issra Khan | Esports

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My name is Issra Khan, I'm a second-year GSD (Global Sustainable Development) and Psychology Student. I am an exec for Warwick Esports, representing The Pack, which is our women and non-binary community, and I am also an Esports Centre Assistant.

Esports at Warwick has introduced me to some lifelong friends with whom we all share a great passion for the industry.

As soon as I walked into the Esports Centre I immediately felt such a warm welcome and sense of community. Through both a competitive and casual environment it has helped me explore new areas, push my boundaries, and gain critical life skills, working in a team and taking on leadership positions.

Esports has definitely had a big influence on my life! I really struggled to find a sector where I knew I could succeed and working at the Esports Centre has given me not only the opportunity to do that but also a plethora of experience.

The industry is so vast and includes so many different areas, and as a student, I am grateful to be able to get a feel of what it is like to work in management, marketing, strategy planning and more! It has really helped me to decide what kind of career path I want to take.

In esports, I really want to help to make a change when it comes to gender inclusivity and equality. Female and non-binary players need bigger recognition in the professional scene but also I don't see enough women in power.

I want to become a leader and a role model to show that women in esports are just as important as everyone else.

I really love the community that comes with esports. Almost everything you do is team-based and with that comes some awesome friends and even people you might consider family. A lot of esports is online which means that in today’s world it is so easy to stay connected with your friends. Even after university when life starts to get busy, you can always count on your friends to play a couple of games.

I think that the esports industry is definitely underestimated. It's rapidly growing and offers tons of positions for people of all backgrounds and experiences. You can succeed in the industry whether you've been in it for 10 years or you're just starting your journey, a lot of people just don't know that it's out there.

I also think that it is perceived to be super competitive which isn't always the case. Sometimes it's not about winning every game, it can be about having fun with people you love and getting away from the real world, even if it's just for a 40 minute game.

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