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Nikolai (Niki) Droumev | Esports

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My name is Nikolai (Niki) Droumev, I am a second-year management student born in Bulgaria, but I have travelled and lived in many countries throughout my life.

I am the CS:GO Coordinator for Warwick Esports and a Project & Esports Centre Assistant. I used to play the game on a semi-professional level, but I have recently started to slow down to focus on my studies. I have also taken part in numerous other events and games and have been a very active member of Esports for a long period of time.

My current occupation and most considerable exposure to Esports is my Project & ESports Centre Assistant role. I regularly assist and interact with the local gaming community and lead 'inspire through ESports' workshops which are centralised on assisting kids with disabilities and exposing them to esports.

Esports at Warwick has made me feel like a part of an incredible community. I have met some of the best friends in my life through Esports at Warwick, and my boundless connections with people continue to grow.

The society and Esports Centre's work makes it feel like my second home, which I deeply cherish.

Esports have influenced my life for the better, creating a future career pathway for me through the Tournaments that I have worked in collaboration with Chillblast, which has also influenced me to keep working and helped me to understand the core and face value of those interchangeable skills.

My goal and aspirations for Esports is to be someone who can assist and provide that sense of community, enjoyment and safety that Esports has granted me in my life. I want any future member of the society to be able to call Esports their second home, and my aspirations are firmly centred on attempting to create that environment.

What I enjoy most about Esports is the sense of enjoyment, community and ability to escape from the struggles of life. Esports has helped me and allowed me to explore myself digitally.

Additionally, Esports has taught me and allowed me to develop numerous interchangeable skills I now use daily, such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication, leadership and many others.

Esports is often perceived as something done by shut-ins, entirely centred around games or even players who have dedicated their lives to games. That could not be further from the truth. Esports brings people together in small games, friend groups, larger communities and even massive conventions. The beauty is that it does not matter who you are; there is somewhere for you in Esports.

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