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Home fitness: Get active with your kids

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Now more than ever it’s important to prioritise your wellbeing, both physical and mental. These articles are to help you stay active and look after your wellbeing during this unprecedented time.

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Les Mills have a number of online classes available to try with your children, and there are many benefits of taking part in a virtual fitness class.

The workout below called “My reflection” allows both you and your children to exercise together by performing movements which follow along with short stories.

It’s hosted by two encouraging instructors that you and your children can easily follow, and the upbeat music and animation will help keep your children’s attention.

The simple dance routine will make sure you both have fun and get some movement in too.

At home workouts

Name: Born to Move – My Reflection

Duration: 21 minutes

Age: 4-5 year olds

Les Mills Class Instructors

Try it yourself

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Cheryl Culliford-Whyte

Cheryl Culliford-Whyte Content Contributor, Warwick Sport

Cheryl has interests in all kinds of fitness, keeping healthy and looking after your wellbeing. She enjoys hiking, lifting and healthy baking.


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