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Strength & sculpt

Work out

Strength & sculpt

Target your entire body. Designed to strengthen and tone you from head to toe.

  • Shape and tone your body
  • Burn calories
  • Improve your core and functional strength
  • Can help lift your mood and relieve stress

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Body Pump™

  • 60 minute class

Full-body barbell workout that strengthens and shapes major muscle groups. Expect lots of repetition with light to moderate weights.

Les Mills Core™

  • 30 minute class

Intense core training workout using your body weight, free weights and resistance tubing. Designed to tighten and tone your midsection, quickly.

GRIT series™

  • 30 minute class

Short bursts of high intensity training (HIIT). Blast all major muscle groups with barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises.


  • 45 minute class

A form of interval training where you swing, pull and lift a kettlebell to strength train your muscles.

Body Conditioning

  • 45 minute class

A combination of strength, CV and core training designed to get your whole body moving and suitable for all levels of fitness.

Les Mills™ Virtual

Workout at a time that works for you with video versions of live classes. Get the same motivation as a live class or go at your own pace.

Discover Virtual

More classes

Find your favourite workout or discover something new.

  • Renewal
    Improve flexibility and leave feeling relaxed and calm.
  • Energy
    Endurance improving classes that challenge your fitness.
  • Fun
    Develop at your own pace in a motivated environment.

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