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Revive and


Increase your core strength and focus your mind in a calm and relaxing environment.

  • Develop your strength, flexibility and balance
  • Good for both your brain and your body
  • Can help to reduce stress levels

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Ashtanga Yoga

60/75 minutes

An energetic form of yoga using powerful breathing.

Body Balance

60 minutes

Bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves that embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates to find harmony and balance.

Morning Flow Yoga

90 minutes

Start the day the right way with the perfect balance of energetic and calming flows.


60 minutes

Strengthen your body in an even way, with a core strength emphasis.


20 minutes

Set aside some time to focus on lengthening key muscles groups to improve flexibility in this gym floor session.


60/90 minutes

Focus on strength, flexibility and breathing. Can help to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Yoga Relaxation

60 minutes

Movements with a focus on boosting your wellbeing. Focuses on controlled breathing and relaxing postures.


60 minutes

A dynamic fusion of Yoga and Pilates designed to improve flexibility, core strength and posture.

Warrior Yoga

90 minutes

Powerful and dynamic exercises based on the principles and concepts of martial arts.

Les Mills™ virtual classes

Workout at a time that works for you with video versions of live classes. Get the same motivation as a live class or go at your own pace.

Virtual fitness classes

Move in a different way

Find your favourite workout or discover something new.


Endurance improving classes that challenge your fitness.


Improve flexibility and leave feeling relaxed and calm.


Develop at your own pace in a motivated environment.