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Email counselling

You do not need to come in to Wellbeing Support Services in person in order to access email counselling. You can register for email counselling online anytime and you will then be able to send your first email straight away. Usually you will receive a response on the following Thursday, although during unusual periods of exceptionally high demand there may be a wait of a few weeks.

How can I get started with email counselling?

  1. Decide email counselling is appropriate for you (read below and through the FAQs to find out more).
  2. Register to use the Email Counselling Service:

Click to read the Service Agreement - once you've read this through, you will be directed to the brief registration form then you'll be immediately sent the email address so you can submit your email as soon a you wish.

Why might I choose email counselling?

Email counselling can be useful to work with a range of issues, similar to face to face counselling. You might choose email counselling (instead of face-to-face) because:

  • It gives you an opportunity to write down your issues and see your own words so you can reflect on them·
  • You can read and re-read both what you are writing and what the email counsellor is writing – at any time·
  • You can write your email and read the reply at a time convenient for you·
  • It gives you an opportunity for counselling without having to meet someone face-to-face
  • You can work in a ‘virtual counselling relationship’ which, although there are no verbal or visual clues, can be rewarding as you have to be explicit in putting words to your emotions – which can be therapeutic in itself
  • It may be easier for practical reasons, such as if you are studying away from the University abroad, or are on teaching practice or another professional placement with limited availability to attend face to face appointments at Warwick

You can engage with EITHER email counselling OR face-to-face counselling. It is important to choose which service you wish to use, as working with two counsellors at the same time can be counter-productive. The email counselling service is not set up as a stop-gap service before face-to-face counselling.