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Work With Us

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Services (CAPS) comprises a core team of Psychological Therapists, i.e. qualified, accredited and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, plus from March 2024 we are offering a paid Core Associate post (click on the link below for full details). From time to time we take on qualified bank therapists working to paid short term contracts. We also offer voluntary one day per week professional placements (i.e. qualified but pre-accredited counsellors and counsellors in training as part of our Professional Placement Programme.

Paid Roles

Paid Psychological Therapist (core staff): most recently advertised post closed on 17 March 2024. Please register your interest and we will contact you when we next recruit.

*NEW POST Paid Core Associate Psychological Therapist: advert closed on 17 March 2024.

This is an exciting new post offering an opportunity to therapists who have qualified, completed 250 hours of clinical hours and are wanting to develop their skills in an HE environment and build their hours to be eligible to apply for accreditation. Please register your interest and we will contact you when we next recruit.

Bank Psychological Therapist Opportunities: not currently recruiting, but please register your interest and we will contact you when we next recruit. For more information about working on our therapy bank, please click here.

Professional Placement Programme

Associates and trainees:we recruit to these posts on occasion, our next recruitment will be for the academic year 2024-25, please email Bally at with specific enquiries or, to be contacted when recruitment opens please register your interest.

Clinical Psychology Doctorate students: Currently recruiting for academic year 2024-25; please register your interest to be considered.


Please note that CAPS works to the University of Warwick's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies.

CAPS follows the University Recruitment and Selection procedures for all paid employees as Warwick is committed to ensuring that professional and effective recruitment and selection takes place which meets legislative requirements and ensures fairness and equal treatment for all. In addition, we guarantee that any recruitment and selection of counsellors/psychotherapists at any level will have a minimum of one professionally qualified and experienced and accredited counsellor/psychotherapist on the interview panel and similarly will be involved in the design of any pre-information discussions/webinars and interview presentation requirements.