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Confidentiality and Disclosure

Under the Data Protection Act (1998), information relating to physical or mental health is sensitive personal data and permission must be sought before this type of information can be passed on to a third party, unless there is a risk to self or others. Therefore the University must obtain consent from you before any information regarding your disability or specific learning difficulty can be shared, unless there is risk involved in which case information will be passed on to relevant parties such as the Director of Wellbeing Support Services, Community Safety and external support services.

Information provided to the Disability Team is treated confidentially. However, in order to enable the University to make any reasonable adjustments required to support you in your studies, we ask that you allow us to share information with the individuals and organisations (personal tutor, lecturers, funding bodies, Assessment Centres, accommodation staff, for example) who would need to know in order for support to be arranged. Your written agreement to this will be requested.

Information may also be shared within Wellbeing and Student Support staff on a need to basis only to faciliate support arrangements in a holistic manner.

You can find the Wellbeing and Student Support confidentiality statement at this link.

Who needs to know about a disability or specific learning difference and why?
  • the Disability team and other Wellbeing and Student Support if relevant: to make arrangements for support and deal with your individual support requirements.
  • Departments and personal tutors: to implement reasonable adjustments such as alternative examination arrangements and ensure that your disability-related requirements are met and addressed.
  • The Exam Office for special examination arrangements.
  • The Accommodation Team to make specific room allocations and adaptations where necessary.
  • NMH Support workers (specialist tutors and mentors) to provide appropriate services.
  • DSA Assessment Centres and Funding Bodies for the purposes of support.


How do I give my consent to sharing information?

You will be asked to sign some confidentiality statements when you register with us, where you can indicate the relevant parties you give consent for information to be shared with.


What happens if I do not give my consent?

It is your right to ask that information provided to the Disability Team and Wellbeing and Student Support is kept confidential, unless there is risk to self or others involved. However, if we cannot share information, it will make it harder for the University to make the adjustments required to facilitate your studies and your participation in university life. We will, however, make reasonable adjustments within the limits which the request for confidentiality imposes.

Should I disclose my disability to potential employers?

The Student Opportunity team have produced a series of videos exploring the questions of whether to disclose a disability to a potential employer.