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Wellbeing Support Services Confidentiality Statement

Information is confidential to Wellbeing Support Services and in general, Wellbeing Support Service staff will not inform a third party of any details relating to your engagement with our services without your explicit permission. There are some situations, in which staff may have to pass on personal information, including if there is a concern of serious risk, or when required by law to disclose, but consent to release any information is sought, if at all possible.

If staff are particularly concerned about your wellbeing, they may discuss issues in strict confidence with other designated members of the University involved in welfare, in order to ensure that you are offered appropriate support.

Information sharing

For the purposes of providing individualised support, including making reasonable adjustments during your studies, we will keep records and may need to share information about your individual support needs with internal or external parties. Individual services will seek your permission for this.

Data protection

Your information is securely held by Wellbeing Support Services and will be treated confidentially and appropriately for the purposes of carrying out the ongoing business of Wellbeing Support Services under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act and the University’s Data Protection Policy.

Records are destroyed following the academic year in which a student finishes their registration with the institution + 6 years.