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Want a natural approach to boosting your brain function!

Certain foods can be especially important for brain health and promoting mental performance. So here’s some easy foods to grab and have with you as you study:

  • BERRIES – High in flavonoid compounds called anthocyanins believed to improve mental performance by improving blood flow to the brain and certain signalling pathways. Blueberries are show to be good for memory.
  • PUMKIN SEEDS –These are a good source of the healthy fat Omega-3, alongside other vitamins and minerals too. This can all help with reducing blood pressure and improving your sleep, both of which are important for your brain.
  • NUTS -Are packed with nutrients that are essential for brain health, including vitamin E and zinc. A great snack to help with stamina as you study.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE – Another snack high in flavonoids, linked with increase in memory and reaction times.

Foods for when you back in your accommodation and wanting to cook up dinner, suggestions would be :

  • Oily fish – for that source of Omega 3 – for vegetarians you can look to walnuts, rapeseed oil, or soya based products
  • Eggs – rich in a range of nutrients
  • Avocados
  • and of course Red and green vegetables.

Further info on healthy eating and eating for brain function can be gained by visiting:

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