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Exams and assessments

Resit opportunities - Right to remedy failure

Our Right to Remedy Failure policy allows students on a taught undergraduate or postgraduate programme an automatic right to resit failed modules where the pass mark has not been met overall (there are a small number of exceptions set out in the Right to Remedy Failure policy).

This right to remedy failure is not dependant on a student having either mitigating circumstances or not having met the requirements to progress or graduate from their programme of study, although the result would be capped at the pass mark where there was not approved mitigation.

The Rules for Award set out in detail the requirements and outcomes for reassessment.

Please note, those examinations that are online for the main sit will remain online for any reassessment sit.

Optional Resits for Undergraduate students who have progressed

If a student has passed enough credits to progress to the next level of study or to graduate but has failed some module(s) then the resits in the failed module(s) are optional. Students can choose not to undertake the optional reassessment and progress to the next level of study or to graduate directly. The options and arrangements are set out in full in the Right to Remedy Failure policy.

All the arrangements which support students to succeed academically are signposted from our Supporting Students to Succeed page.

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