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Staying safe in your accommodation

As we begin a new term, we just wanted to share a few reminders to help keep us all safe on campus and within residencies.

We ask you to always be vigilant and help us to keep your possessions and our residences secure by ensuring that:

Aubergine Bullet You prevent any unauthorised access into your residence. You can do this by making sure the block door shuts behind you once you’ve entered the building and by not allowing access to strangers.
Aubergine Bullet You don’t leave doors unlocked or on the latch.
Aubergine Bullet You always secure ground floor windows when you are not in the room.
Aubergine Bullet You do not leave your bedroom door unlocked if you leave your room.

If you ever have any concerns about someone you don’t recognise or any unusual behaviour, please contact our Community Safety Team as soon as possible so they can attend and investigate the situation. If you are unsure about someone, please don’t challenge them but phone Community Safety on 024 7652 2222 as soon as you can.

Thank you for playing your part in keeping our community safe, and we hope you have a great rest of term.