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Coursera at Warwick

After 31 March 2022, it will no longer be possible to create an account or start new courses if you have an existing account.

If you signed up for a course before 31 March, you will have until the end of May to complete it. If you have already completed a course, you will still be able to access your certificate when you log in.

Choose from over 3,000 courses and 400 1-2 hour Guided Projects.

We’ve collaborated with Coursera to offer all students access to 1 free online course from many of the top institutions in the world and an unlimited number of 1-2 hour Guided Projects. Academics at Warwick have carefully selected a range of courses that will enable you to expand your knowledge in an area of interest while developing new skills. There is no cost to enrol in this programme.

You can choose one from over 3,000 courses and 400 1-2 hour Guided Projects.

There is no cost to enrol in this programme.

Our academics have hand-select a number of courses according to faculty that you should hopefully find interesting. You can also see courses in faculties outside of your own and enrol on courses that are in top trending 'emerging' and 'multidisciplinary' areas.

So, whether you're interested in creative design, philosophy, machine learning, emerging technologies, project management, fashion or AI, you'll be able to find a course to enrol on.

You can also use the search bar within Coursera to find other courses available from a catalogue of over 3,000.

Don't forget Coursera's Guided Projects! You can enrol on an unlimited number and learn how to use the most in-demand tools like Python, Tableau, Excel and Google. Guided Projects are 1-2 hours long.

How do you sign up?

To sign up, you must use your Warwick email address. Please follow one of the links below according to what faculty you are part of:

Science, Engineering and Medicine
Social Sciences

You can find instructions on how to sign up in the University of Warwick - Coursera Learner Guide and via Coursera's Community Site.

If you have any problems signing up, please contact: opens in a new window