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5 questions with... meet our community!

Meet people from all walks of Warwick life as they answer five questions... and a cheeky five more! Meet our students, academics, sabbatical officers and staff and hear what makes them tick.

5 Qs with Isaac

5 questions with... an undergraduate researcher

Isaac McGirr is studying for a degree in Global Sustainable Development and will begin a research project over the summer.

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5 Qs with Shreya

5 questions with... the editor of undergraduate research journal "Reinvention"

Shreya is a third year Economics student and the editor of Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research.

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5 Qs with ignas and izaskun / basketball

5 questions with... Team Warwick basketball captains

We spoke to our basketball captains Izaskun and Ignas about training, teamwork and chicken biryani!

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5 Qs with Emily Warwick Intern

5 questions with... a Warwick intern

The Warwick Internship programme gives you the chance to gain valuable work experience through a 6-week work placement during the summer vacation. Warwick student Emily took an internship last summer and shares her tips and experiences with us!

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5 Qs with Amira

5 questions with... an award winning personal tutor

We spoke to one of last year's Personal Tutoring Excellence winners, Amira Elasra, about how to get the most out of your personal tutor appointments.

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5 Qs with Sara

5 questions with... a student of wellbeing

There's a new module open to all Warwick students to help us understand wellbeing, explore different viewpoints and engage with activities and strategies to improve wellbeing. We spoke to Sara, an undergraduate Global Sustainable Development student who has taken the course, to get the lowdown!

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5 Qs with Elena

5 questions with... a wellbeing module creator

Mental wellbeing has a powerful influence on physical wellbeing, on learning, on productivity and on the quality of interpersonal relationships. We spoke to Elena Riva, who develops new interdisciplinary wellbeing modules at IATL including Understanding Wellbeing, open to all students.

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5 Qs with Benjamin

5 questions with... an SSLC Vice-chair

Benjamin is a 2nd year Accounting and Finance student. He is Vice-chair of the Student Staff Liaison Committee at WBS where matters relating to academic integrity are often discussed.

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5 Qs with gervaise

5 questions with... an IATL Co-Creation Officer

Gervaise is a final year Law student and a Co-Creation Officer at the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL). They are a writer, community builder, artist and cultural worker.

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5 Qs with Emily Warwick Intern

5 questions with... our SU Democracy Officer

Jacob Jefferson is the SU Democracy and Development Officer and is attending week 2 of COP26 as part of Warwick's delegation.

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5 Qs with jack and Elenore

5 questions with... Warwick's new Esports staff

Jack Fenton is the new Head of Esports at Warwick and started the Esports Society during his time as a student. Elenore Li brings a wealth of experience from the industry as Warwick's new Esports Centre Coordinator.

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5 Qs with fernando

5 questions with... a student researcher

Fernando is a student researcher. He tells us about facing fears, presenting at international conferences and how you can get into research too!

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5 Qs with Rob

5 questions with... an Information Security Officer

Rob Levett-Millett is an Information Security Officer at Warwick. He's part of the team tasked with keeping us safe from scams, cyber crime and information security threats.

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5 Qs with rebecca

5 questions with... the Dean of Students

Professor Rebecca Freeman is our Dean of Students. She works with Senior Tutors in the faculties of Arts, Science Engineering & Medicine and Social Sciences to develop personal tutoring and education experience at Warwick.

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5 Qs with letizia

5 questions with... Warwick's newest National Teaching Fellow

Dr Letizia Gramaglia was recently recognised by the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme which celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on teaching.

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5 Qs with Noah

5 Questions with... a Warwick Arts Centre student volunteer

Noah is a final year Politics student, and volunteers at the Warwick Arts Centre, our recently refurbished on-campus multi-artform centre.

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