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5 questions with... a student performance athlete

Jingchen is studying for a full time postgraduate degree at Warwick Business School. She balances her studies with life as a professional badminton player with support from Warwick Sport's elite level sports programme.

Tell us a little bit about the sport you play and how you got into it?

Jingchen with badminton trophiesAs a junior player I started training in professional badminton teams and took it from there. Myself and my badminton partner took fifth place in the Sydney International Women's Doubles, which was my career highlight so far! My highest world ranking is 135.

How do you manage elite sport and study at Warwick?

It can be tricky but planning is key - I make sure I arrange time for study and for training and exercise, and try my best to stick to this schedule. The thing that's most helpful is to concentrate fully on the task of the moment - if I'm on court, but thinking about study (or the other way round), I won't do my best.

How has your sport helped you with the transition to life in England?

It's been great because I have so many more opportunities to meet and get to know British people through my sport, through training and through competing. It gives me an opportunity to become much more familiar with, and accustomed to, British life.

What are you studying at Warwick? Are there any skills which help you both in your studies and in your sport?

I'm studying for an MSc in Management at WBS. Studying as an international student, and taking part in sport as an international player, has improved my English no end.

What are your future goals?

I do have goals both in study and in my sporting career, and I approach both as seriously as I can. In badminton I'd like to see my rankings improve and keep competing internationally. Where my study is concerned, I'm aiming to graduate and then find a job, hopefully in the UK, after graduation.

Five cheeky bonus questions

What would you take to a desert island?

I'm very practically-minded so I'd take tents, knives, fire-fetching devices, flashlights, iron pots!

What’s your current favourite piece of music?

I don't have a favourite piece of music, but I love all pop music, I'd say that genre was my favourite.

What’s your most-used app?

It has to be WeChat - a Chinese instant messaging and social media app!

House plants or pets?

I don't have either actually - too much maintenance for me, especially as I compete in tournaments, so can be away from home often.

Where is your favourite place to study on and off campus?

I love to study in my own room - with access to my home comforts!