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Our Campus Roads

Over the last academic year, our campus has been through a major transformation. Those of you who’ve been away for the summer will have returned to some significant changes.

But what happened in each area? Why did it happen? And what does it mean for you?

Gibbet Hill Road and University Road both saw major remodelling work. The re-design has a number of features aimed at reducing traffic speed and improving safety for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists. These include a 20mph speed limit, and a granite surface that creates a visual impact for all road users, reminding them that this is a special zone and extra care should be taken.

Gibbet Hill Road remodelled
Social Sciences
WBS Teaching Centre
University Road remodelled
Students' Union
Arts Centre

These areas are still roads where vehicles have priority, so you must take care when crossing. Always stop at the kerb edge and make sure it’s safe to cross. If you’re driving in these zones, or in other high usage areas of campus like Scarman Road around the Nursery, be aware of the many pedestrians that will cross, stay vigilant and reduce your speed.

Get involved: speed checks

The newly designed roads are intended to be safer for all parts of our University community and our visitors to use, and we continue to monitor them to ensure that we are identifying areas where increased signage or speed checks are required to ensure appropriate and safe usage. As an extra re-enforcement for all drivers, we’re carrying out regular speed checks on campus roads. If you’d like to be part of this, sign up now.

Other developments

There have been many other changes to your campus over the past year, such as the new bus interchange and enhanced social spaces, and there are many changes taking place right now. To find out more about all of these, see: