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Student group chat disciplinary hearing outcome

The University’s investigation into a group chat in which a number of Warwick students were alleged to have discussed rape and sexual assault, and use racially abusive, anti-Semitic and ableist language, has now concluded.

A Major Disciplinary Committee made up of staff and students found the matters to be a significant breach of the University’s Dignity at Warwick Policy. Eleven students were suspended in April 2018 when the University first learned of the incident and began an investigation and disciplinary proceedings. As a result of the investigation and proceedings, three students have left, or will be required to leave the University immediately. One of these students has been banned from campus for life, with the other two banned for ten years. A further two students have been required to withdraw from the University for a year with immediate effect and have received fines alongside a number of other disciplinary penalties. Three have received a range of other disciplinary penalties, including fines and other actions. The case against one student was found to be not proven, and two of the originally accused students were exonerated at an early stage of the process.

If you have been affected by any of these issues, please contact Wellbeing Support, Warwick SU Advice Centre or Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre for support and advice.