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National Apprentice Challenge

National Apprentice ChallengeThe winners of Warwick Entrepreneurs recent Warwick Apprentice challenge are taking part in the National Apprentice Challenge this weekend at Aston University.

Shachi Banthia, Shalini Hadpawat, Sakshi Sanghvi and Priyanshi Shah form ‘Fund It’.

Entrant Shachi Banthia said of the Warwick Apprentice “We were successfully able to complete the 4 challenges and come up with a business which addresses a social cause. Several doors of opportunity have opened up for us after winning the Warwick apprentice. This is because we were able to understand the creativity and diligence it takes to become an entrepreneur. From this experience we wish to further develop our knowledge in the respected area and understand the areas we could potentially improve in.”

Best of luck to Shachi, Shalini, Sakshi and Priyanshi at the National Apprentice Challenge. To find out more visit

If you are interested in getting involved in enterprising activities on campus, and having the opportunity to represent the university at external events, visit the following links: