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2019 General Election - Your vote matters!

Your vote matters.

You have until the 26 November to register to vote in the upcoming General Election.
Remember: You can register online now at your home address AND your term-time address, as long as you only vote in one. The General Election takes place after term finishes, so plan where you'll be and where you would like to vote.
Don’t Miss Out. Use Your Vote.

If you wish to vote by post at your home address you must return your postal vote to your home electoral services team as per the instructions with the postal vote. A postal vote for another constituency cannot be counted on the day in a polling station for a different location.

You need to re-register each time you change your address. So, even if you registered to vote in the last election, you must re-register to vote in the General Election if you have moved house since. If you are unsure whether you’ve registered at your new address, check and update your details here. Don’t miss out on having your say!

Democracy Officer Milly Last

Hear from SU Democracy Officer Milly Last on why you should register to vote.

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