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Recommended IT for Students: Central Guidance

During 2020/21 and future years of study, you will need a personal computing device.

We have good quality IT workspaces and computing labs but due to the potential of ongoing social distancing, lockdowns or quarantines, our advice is that during 2020/21, you will need a personal computing device. Whether you already own devices or you are planning to purchase new equipment, you can check the central guidance Recommended Technical Specifications.

We recommend a laptop for portability, as you may need it on campus, in residences, in your home during term time and holidays. You may sometimes need to participate in online sessions while on campus: you could use a mobile phone but that would limit your ability to participate in some activities requiring specialist software or document authoring.

On this page, you can also find further IT Resources, IT Guide for New Students and a link to IT Student Help.
What you will need to participate in learning and assessment will depend on your particular course’s activities. If your department provides you with specific alternative guidance, you should follow that instead of this central guidance.