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Progression for intermediate year students

Progression requirements for the majority of intermediate years of study require students to pass at least 60 credits with an overall year average of at least 40%. Some courses (e.g. Integrated Masters and those with a year abroad or placement) have additional criteria related to those specific features, whereas other courses that lead into a regulated profession (e.g. medicine, engineering and accounting) can have different progression arrangements in line with the requirements of their national accrediting body. Progression requirements for specific course will be available in course handbooks.

The following options from the safety net are available to Exam Boards if you have not met the progression requirements:

  • If you have not passed the progression requirements for your degree in the summer (normally 60 credits and an overall year average of 40%), you can undertake resit assessments in failed modules in September. The marks available for these can either be capped at the pass mark (‘resit’) or, where there are mitigating circumstances, uncapped (‘further first attempt’ / ‘first sit’).