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Meet with an Adviser

What can I meet with an Adviser about?

  • Tier 4 student visa extensions made in the UK for study at Warwick (including Doctorate Extension Scheme and student's dependants)
  • Tier 4 Entry Clearance applications for continuing a course at Warwick (new students who intend to make a Tier 4 application overseas may wish to contact us via the Contact Form, for questions which are not answered by the information on our website)
  • TOC (Transfer of Conditions): Transferring your existing Tier 4 visa from an old passport to a BRP card (not in peak times)
  • BRP (RC) (Replacement BRP card): Applying for a new BRP card if yours has been lost or stolen (not in peak times). We offer a 15 minute appointment to check your application form and supporting documents; we regret that we are unable to post your BRP(RC) to the Home Office on your behalf. Please note, we are unable to offer this service in January or between July - October .
  • Withdrawing from your studies (not in peak times)

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Tier 4 appointments:

  • Login details (username and password) for the Tier 4 online application form.
  • Bank card to pay for the IHS and Application fees (if you intend to submit your application)
  • A completed Tier 4 document Checklist (a copy can be downloaded from the appointment booking form)
  • Original Passport and visa (or Biometric Residence Permit if you have one)
  • 2 passport-sized photo taken within the last month (check it meets the requirement)
  • Police registration Certificate (if required)- make sure it is updated with your current address
  • Academic qualification (new students only), Financial evidence (including Parent's consent letter and birth certificate, if using parent's account). ATAS (if required). Parent's consent (if you are under 18)
  • An english translation of any documents that are not in English language (check the translation meets the requirment)

BRP/TOC appointments:

  • Completed application form for BRP (RC) or TOC
  • A completed Document Checklist (a copy can be downloaded from the appointment booking form- see link below)
  • Postal cheque (if using standard service which can take 8-10 weeks for a decision)
  • All original documents required for such an application

Other appointments

  • Bring any relevant documentation you think is relevant to the appointment

How many times can I meet with an adviser?

  • Each appointment slot is for 20-25 minutes so please ensure that you arrive on time.
  • Appointments that do not involve submission of a visa application will normally be allocated 1 slot (20 minutes). You will be allocated multiple slots if you intend to submit a vias application (2 slots, if you pre-upload relevant documents) or if you have dependents (2 to 3 slots depending on your circumstances).
  • We offer a 15 minute appointment to check the application and supporting documents for a replacement BRP card (BRP(RC))

What can I NOT meet with an Adviser about?

  • Work visas: We are unable to offer one-to-one appointments for the checking of any work-related visa applications. Relevant information can be found on the relevant work visa pages. If your query is about how to apply for a Tier 2 visa, you should seek guidance from your employer's HR department in the first instance. We are happy to answer enquiries by email.
  • Visitor visas: We are unable to offer appointment for visitor visas (for example, visa for family/friends to visit you) but our 'Visitor Visa' webpage offers comprehensive information and we are happy to answer any queries by email.
  • Settlement: We are unable to advise you in matters relating to settlement (indefinite leave to remain) or asylum.
  • Travel overseas: We are unable to meet to advise you about visas to travel overseas. You should look at the Embassy website of the country you are visiting for visa information.

If you require advice on a matter we are unable to assist with, you may find details of some external resources in our Conditions of Service leaflet.

Peak times

Our peak times are the months of January and July to October.

This is due to the vast number of student visa extensions and queries that we process at this time of year. During these months, we will offer reduced service to continuing students (we are only able to meet with continuing students who need to extend their visas which will expire at the end of the current month, and students who are eligible to apply for Doctorate Extension Scheme, or DES).

Please refer to our website for information and you may also use our Contact Form for any queries that cannot be answered from our site.

What if I am currently on a Pre-sessional course and need to extend my visa?

Upon arrival you will be assigned a Visa Tutor who will take you through the Tier 4 visa extension process and help you submit your application. You will be placed into a tutorial group and will be expected to attend compulsory workshops. Therefore, you will not need to make a request for an appointment in reference to your visa extension. Instead please contact your Visa Tutor - all Visa Tutors are experienced International Student Advisers.

How do I make an appointment to meet an Adviser?

  • You can make an appointment request up to a maximum of 3 weeks in advance.