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Is your biometric residence permit (BRP card) lost or stolen?

My BRP card is lost or stolen

If you have a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card) covering your period of study in the UK, you should ensure you carry this with you when you travel outside of the UK as you will need it in order to return to the UK.

If your BRP card is lost or stolen, follow the step-by-step guidance below.

You can also find useful FAQ (frequently asked questions) relating to the BRP.



Follow the below step by step guide if your biometric residence permit (BRP card) is lost or stolen.

Step 1 - Check where it might be
  • Don't panic!
  • First make sure that you have checked all locations where it may possibly be.
  • If you are on campus, check with the Security Service - Tel: 02476522083.
  • Do a thorough search before reporting it to the Home Office because once your BRP is cancelled, it cannot be reversed!
Step 2 - Inform the Home Office UKVI and local Police

You will need to report the loss of your BRP to the Home Office, so they can cancel your BRP.

If you lost your BRP in the UK and are making a replacement application straight away, you may choose to report the loss at the same time as making the replacement application (see step 4).

  • Please note that failure to report the loss or theft to the Home Office and local police may result in a civil penalty.
  • You will be asked to provide your personal information and contact details.
  • If you need a scanned copy of your passport or the BRP card, please complete the Lost BRP notification form.

You will also need to report the loss of your BRP to The Police, whether in the UK or overseas, and obtain a police report and/or crime reference number.

If you reported the loss in the UK by telephone (dial 101), or, if the local police force does not give a crime reference number:

  • If the officer in the police station or on the phone cannot provide a crime reference number, ask them if they can provide the case reference number or the name of the officer you are speaking to. You can then use this information in the crime reference number field.
  • If they do not provide any of the details as above then you can write 'called the police/went to the police office and they did not provide a reference number' in the 'crime reference number' field.

Failure to obtain a new BRP card when you should have is a breach of your immigration conditions and can lead to immigration, financial and compliance sanctions.

Step 3 - Obtain a replacement BRP visa to return to the UK (if lost overseas)

If you lost your BRP card overseas, you must apply for a replacement BRP visa in order to re-enter the UK.

It can be problematic especially if you have lost your passport as well, as you must obtain an emergency travel document from your embassy first, or, if you are at risk of overstaying the visa for the country you are currently in, for example, if you are in Schengen zone and your Schengen visa would expire imminently.

This replacement BRP Visa can take between 1-2 weeks to process so think carefully whether you are able to make this application from where you are, or whether it is better to return to your home country where you can be better supported.

The replacement BRP visa is a single-entry visa and is only valid for one month. It would grant you a single entry to return to the UK.

To make this application from overseas, you must complete an online application form. If you hold a Cuban or North Korean Passport, you should contact the nearest embassy to enquire about the replacement BRP process.

You will be expected to submit a copy of your previous BRP card and a current student status letter when attending your appointment. If you need us to send you a scanned copy of your passport or the BRP card, please complete the Lost BRP notification form. You can download a copy of your student status letter via Student Records Online.

The fee for this service is currently £154.00.

Access the online form and select the following options:

Category of application: A replacement biometric residence permit (BRP) visa

Complete all areas of the form, and ensure to put as much information as you can in the free text section of the form.

You should include your police report and details of how you lost/had your BRP stolen from you.

You will need to pay online for your application and make an appointment to present your documents and have your biometric data taken.

Occasionally, the system may show no appointment available. In this case, contact the local Visa Application Centre by telephone or online as it may be possible to walk in without an appointment.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a vignette (sticker) inside your passport giving you permission to return to the UK to make a further application for a replacement BRP card upon your return to the UK.

If the vignette is valid for 30 days only, you should submit your replacement BRP application within the validity of your temporary visa, or, within 1 month of returning to the UK.

Step 4 - Apply for a replacement BRP card

If you lost your BRP card in the UK, or, if you have returned to the UK with a replacement BRP visa, you will now need to complete an online Replacement BRP Application.

Failure to apply for a replacement BRP within 3 months of reporting the loss, could result in a financial penalty of up to £1000 or curtailment of your visa.

As the application process is straightforward, you can apply for a replacement BRP by yourself but you may choose to use our office address so that we can monitor the receipt of your new BRP card. See our Application form guidance - it provides useful guidance and explanation specific to students at Warwick. We would also recommend that you use our correspondence address found in the sample application form.

If you lost your BRP card in the UK at the same time as your passport and have not received a new passport within the three month deadline, you can still apply for a new BRP using your old passport.

There are two ways you can make this application:

Standard Service - £75.20, 8-10 weeks of processing time + up to 7 working days for BRP delivery


Super priority Service - £875.20, 1 day processing time (from the date of appointment) + up to 7 working days for BRP delivery

Please do not make travel plans, especially if you can't be flexible with the travel dates until you have received your new BRP card to avoid having to cancel your trip.


  • If you have requested a copy of your passport/BRP when completing the 'Lost BRP Notification Form', once you have submitted your BRP(RC) application and done your Biometrics at the centre, please use the Independent Application Notification Form to let us know details of your application. We will help you monitor the progress of your application and the issuing of your new BRP.
  • Once you receive your new BRP card, you must provide us with a scanned copy of your new BRP (front and back) and a scanned copy of the 1-month BRP visa (if you lost the BRP overseas) using our online form.

Frequently asked questions

Please click on the relevant section below to expand the guidance.
  • You cannot travel while waiting for your new BRP, as you will not be allowed to enter the UK without a BRP. If you need further guidance and need to travel urgently, please contact us for further information.

  • This can be tricky.

    Although it is possible for you to leave the UK without a BRP card, you will not be able to return to the UK without it.

    You have two options:

    1) Use the super priority service in the UK to get a BRP quicker (depending on availability you may need to travel to a less busy UKVI centre).

    Once you have attended your appointment, your BRP card should arrive within 7-10 working days (although quite often it will arrive sooner).

    2) make a single replacement BRP visa application from overseas (see information above), return to the UK with the single-entry visa, and apply for a BRP card once you are back in the UK.

    It may not be feasible if you are travelling for a holiday for a short period as you may not receive your entry visa in time to return to the UK.

  • If you have less than 3 months of leave left on the lost BRP card (for example, if it is 1 September today, and your BRP card expires on 30 October), you can choose not to apply for a new one, as long as you leave the UK before your visa expiry date.

    If you have more than 3 months of leave left on the lost BRP card, for example, if it is 1 June today, and your BRP card expires on 30 October, but you intend to leave the UK soon because you have completed your studies, and you are not planning to return to the UK during the period of leave evidenced by the lost BRP, OR you plan to return to the UK using a different visa category (i.e., not as a Tier 4 student), in that case read below

    We can contact the UKVI and make them aware of your decision; this way you may not be penalised for not replacing your BRP. For us to contact and support you, you will have to let us know about your decision to no longer use a TIER 4 visa and attach a copy of your plane ticket confirming your UK leaving date (use this form: Contact an International Student Adviser ); once we have the details and the evidence from you, we will forward this to the UKVI and this way is it highly unlikely you will be penalised for not replacing your BRP.

    Contact an International Student Adviser if you are in doubt or if it appears that you are still required to replace your BRP.

  • You can contact the Home Office UKVI to enquire about the delivery of your BRP card. Alternatively, contact the Immigration Service team and we can look into it on your behalf.