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CAS Frequently asked questions

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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) - Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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  • The university will assess your eligibility for a CAS and will check the following things before assigning your CAS:

    - You have a genuine intention to study the course you have applied for.

    - If there is a work placement on the course this should count as 50% or less of your course content (unless your course is exempt).

    - Your course should lead to an approved qualification.

    - Your course is full-time.

    - You have met the academic and English language requirements for the course.

    - You intend to travel to the UK within the validity of your visa, and before the 'latest start date' as specified on your CAS.

  • In order for your CAS to be valid it must:

    - Have the same personal details on it as in your passport; and

    - Have been assigned no more than 6 months before the date of your visa application (this is the date you pay the visa application fees online); and

    - Not have been withdrawn or cancelled by the University or the Home Office UKVI; and

    - Not have been used in a Student visa application which was processed and refused (where the fee was processed)

    Having a CAS does not guarantee that your visa application will be successful. You must meet all the requirements of a Student visa application. Please ensure that you have read the information about 'Applying for a Student visa'.

    You should make sure that the course information (course title, start and end dates etc.) that appears on your CAS is copied exactly onto your application form.

  • You should provide detailed information about your previous studies in the UK and any visas you have had for these studies (even if you have never studied using that visa, for example, if you were granted a Student Visa for a Master's degree a few years ago, but you decided not to enrol on the course, you will still need to declare this visa on the CAS request form).

  • - This allows us to confirm to the UKVI that our course of study meets the 'Academic Progression' requirement. Academic progression is relevant if you have previously been granted a Student visa (or any Tier 4 or pre-Tier 4 Student Visa).

    - We can check that you have not exceeded the time limit for studying in the UK (this is not relevant if your course leads to a postgraduate qualification).

    - We can check that you intend to travel to the UK in good time.

    - We can also check that you have not become an overstayer and have not had an active ban, or anything else which may lead to a visa refusal.

  • - If you are starting a new course, the 'course fees' will indicate the amount of tuition fees due in the first academic year. You will only need to prepare financial evidence that you hold required funds which cover this 1st year of course fees (and maintenance) when you prepare your Student visa application. The 'course fees' on your CAS should be the same as that in your offer letter,

    - If you are continuing on a course (for example, you require a new CAS because you are resuming studies after taking a period of temporary withdrawal, are transferring to a longer course before completion, or are having a period of academic extension), the 'course fees' on your CAS will indicate the remaining course fees due for the current academic year (if you requested your CAS before the end of the Autumn term), or, the full course fees due for the next academic year if you requested your CAS after the end of the Autumn Term & you will continue into the next academic year.

    - You may see a reduced amount of course fees if you have been awarded a scholarship/ fees reduction towards course fees.

  • Please check our webpages for more detailed information about academic progression. You can also contact your Admissions team for further information.

  • The CAS assignment process usually starts 3-4 months before your course start date, if you are starting a new course, provided you have received and accepted an unconditional offer.

    • Once you receive a personalised email asking you to check your personal details for a CAS, please read the email carefully and follow the instructions.
    • Once you confirm your personal details, it can take Admissions team up to 10 working days to assign a CAS during the summer months. You may get it sooner, but be prepared to wait 10 working days.
    • If you haven't received this personalised email because you haven't received an unconditional offer, for example, because exams results are not released until late August, don’t worry as lots of students will be in this situation. Check the conditions of your offer and ensure that your exam results are the only thing that the Admissions team are waiting for. If you have any other outstanding conditions, verification of a reference for example, provide this well in advance. Prepare the supporting documents that you will need for your visa application. Aim to have all your visa application documents ready so that you can apply as soon as your place at Warwick is confirmed. Many Entry Clearance posts offer a 'user pay service' which costs a little more (an additional £100 approx.) but which offers quick turn-around of your Student visa application. If you are particularly worried about the time it may take to get your visa you could consider paying for this service. You can check the processing times for your local visa application centre .

    If you are continuing on a course but require a visa extension, for example, because you transferred to a longer course, you will receive specific email instructions to let you know when and how to request your new CAS.

  • - You can submit your visa application no earlier than 3 months before your course start date if you are applying in the UK, or 6 months if you apply from overseas.

    For example: If your course starts on 1 October and you are applying from overseas, the earliest date you can submit your visa application online is 1 April (note this is the date you pay the online application fees, and NOT the date of appointment).

    - You are advised to apply as early as possible within this time frame. Allow enough time for your application to be processed during peak times.

  • A CAS is valid for 6 months from the date it is assigned, and it can only be used once in a visa application (with exceptions- please contact us if unsure).

  • Admissions will issue your CAS if...

    ... you are starting/ re-starting a new course at Warwick (after you have accepted an unconditional offer and up to 3-4 months before your course start date)

    ... you are starting a new course at Warwick and require a 2nd CAS because you received a visa refusal

    .... you are taking the 10-week or 6-week Pre-sessional English language course (blended learning in the UK)

    Immigration Service will issue your CAS if...

    ... you started your course more than 6 months ago

    ... you started your course less than 6 months ago but need a CAS because you are switching to Tier 4 from a different visa category

    ... you started your course at a partner University outside of the UK (for example, Monash University), and now require a Student visa to continue your studies in the UK

    .... you are returning to studies after a break from your course (temporary withdrawal, resit without residence).

    ... you have requested to be transferred to a different course after enrolment and require a new visa.

    ... you have gone through an 'internal upgrade' process from a Master's to a PhD course (i.e., you are not required to apply for your PhD separately) and will need a new visa to complete the PhD course.

  • Undergraduate Admissions: Email UG admissions office

    Postgraduate Admissions: PG admissions enquiry form

    Immigration Service: Immigration service contact form

  • New students:

    If starting a new course at the University of Warwick, once you have satisfied all the conditions of your offer and firmly accepted your place (UF), you will be sent an e-mail from your admissions team which will ask you to check your details, amend as appropriate and/or confirm that these details are correct. You will only be issued with your CAS once you have completed this process.

    If you have followed all of the instructions from the admissions team and finally confirmed that your details are correct, then your CAS is currently being processed and you will receive your CAS number in due course.

    Current students:

    If you are a continuing student at Warwick and require a CAS to extend your visa to complete this course (for example, if you have switched from a 3-year to a 4-year course), then you will first need to check the information on our Academic Progression pages to see if you are eligible to do this within the UK.

    If you are not eligible to apply in the UK, you should request a CAS by completing our online CAS request form. Once you submit the CAS request online, we will aim to contact you within 5 working days with an update.

    If you are eligible to apply in the UK, or, if you are a PhD student making a visa application from within the UK, then you will receive your CAS during your face-to-face appointment with one of our International Student Advisers, usually after you have submitted your Tier 4 visa application online.

  • The CAS is a virtual document. You do not need a paper copy of your CAS but will be sent your CAS number via e-mail once you have satisfied all the conditions of your offer and updated and confirmed your details, as requested by Admissions or the Immigration Service. You may find it helpful to print out this CAS email for your records as you may need to show it to the Visa Application Centre (if asked to do so) but you are not required to submit a paper copy of it to the Home Office.

  • No, but your existing CAS will need to be updated to show your new passport number. You should inform your admissions team of the new details as soon as possible so that your details can be changed on the Sponsor Management System.

  • The Sponsor Management System (SMS) is an online interface between the University (the sponsor) and the UK Visas & Immigration (Home Office), which enables the Home Office to see the relevant details of all sponsored students. The CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) is a unique reference number which will identify you on the Sponsor Management System when you submit your visa application.

  • If you will be attending a pre-sessional course at the University of Warwick, and you hold an unconditional offer for the main course of study, it will usually be possible for you to receive a combined CAS which covers both courses (for 2021 entry, this option is only available for students on the blended learning version of the pre-sessional course).

    If your main course of study is at Warwick, and you are attending an pre-sessional course elsewhere, then you will not be able to use the same CAS/visa for both courses.

    Please note that if you are holding a conditional offer on your main course (e.g., if you are still waiting on your final transcripts/certificate), the University will only be able to issue you with a CAS for your pre-sessional course and you will be required to extend your student visa once your offer is unconditional and once you have received a CAS for your main course of study.

    If your offer is only conditional on taking the pre-sessional English course, once you receive an offer for the pre-sessional English course, the Admissions Team will update your offer to unconditional automatically (please allow a few days) and you will be eligible for a combined CAS.

  • You are advised to refer to our web page which provides details of the length of visa you should be granted. The length of visa you receive will depend on how long your course is.

  • Please refer to the Visa rejections and refusals section of the website, complete the web-form and attach your refusal notice..

    A member of staff will then advise you on the best course of action as soon as possible.

  • You will need to obtain a CAS from the new institution as confirmation that they are willing to act as your Student visa sponsor. Due to the 'Academic Progression' requirement you may need to return to your home country to make a new Student visa application, if you change your mind as to where to study after arriving in the UK.

  • No. If you pay additional monies towards your course fees or accommodation fees after receiving your CAS, or, if any monies already paid to the University were not mentioned in your CAS, these sums will be acknowledged by the Student Finance team by email once the payment has cleared. After you have received the email confirmation from our Student Finance team that your CAS has been updated, the full amount of any funds paid to the University will be shown on your CAS record on the UKVI Sponsor Management System.

    If you choose to pay some or all of the course fees to the University so that you need to evidence no course fees or only the remainder of the course fees with your visa application, you must ensure that you allow sufficient time for any payment to be processed and acknowledged by the University ahead of submitting your visa application. The Student Finance team will usually update your account within 10 working days of receiving the money.

    If you have made any payment to the University towards accommodation, only up to £1,265.00 can be deducted from the amount you are required to show as evidence of your maintenance on your Student visa application, even if you have paid more to the University.