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Current student FAQs

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Frequently asked questions for current students

Frequently asked questions

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Please visit our 'Current Student' Portal for further Top Asked Questions.

  • We are aware that a number of students have recently lost their BRP cards/had the BRP cards stolen because they carried the BRP card in their wallets. We would encourage all students to be careful with their BRP card and not carry this around on a regular basis whilst in the UK. You should only need to carry your BRP card with you when travelling outside of the UK.

    If you believe you have lost your BRP card, please refer to the information on our Lost passport/ BRP website for guidance on what steps to take next.

  • Please refer to our website for information about how academic extension/ course change affects you, whether you need to apply for a Student visa, and whether you are eligible to do so from inside the UK.

    If you need to extend your visa you will need to request a new CAS from our CAS request pages.

  • As you are a continuing student and hold a valid Student visa, your question is essentially about the possibility of 'change of study location'.

    You will first need to check with your academic department. If they agree, you may be able to study remotely for part of Term 1 or the whole of Term 1, but your academic department will need to authorise this and they will need to keep a record and adjust your attendance monitoring plan accordingly.

  • For information on working on a Student visa please see the rights to work webpage.

  • Please see the GOV website for guidance on whether you need to and how to transfer your visa to a new passport. Remember, you need to visit us with your new passport and visa/BRP card when you receive it.

  • For any non-EEA students wanting to travel to Europe, you may need a Schengen visa in order to do this. The Immigration Services team are unable to advise on this type of visa, but you can find useful information on our website about Schengen visas.

  • Please see our website for information on the different post study work visa options.

  • For information on withdrawals and how this will affect your immigration permissions please see our 'Withdrawal and breaks in study' pages.