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Staff and Student Ideas Board 

Carriers of Hope

A member of staff in Warwick Medical School became involved with Carriers of Hope, a Coventry-based charity who work closely with refugees and asylum seekers in the city.

Pursuing this voluntary work, she has attained some funding for a 'garden tower' which can grow food hydroponically indoors, with the idea being to grow fresh food for a new 'culturally relevant' food bank aimed particularly at vulnerable BAME families in the city, in large part as they are lacking in not just fresh food, but fresh food that reminds them of home.

If you would like to be involved in this project - please contact Anne-Marie Chilton at

If you would like to donate - please contact Anne-Marie Chilton at and use this 'Gift Tag' to do so.

If you would like to volunteer with Carriers of Hope - please see their website: 

Unwanted Laptops and Computers

A member of staff has initiated a project seeking to assist local refugee children, as particularly during lockdown, many have been struggling to keep up with schooling as they don't have laptops or computers that are increasingly becoming a requirement of education.

If you have an old computer, laptop or phone that you no longer want / need, please contact Anne-Marie Chilton at, who will, with the charity Carriers of Hope's expert, ensure that they are fully wiped before being distributed where they are needed.

Ration Challenge

Coventry Creates

As part of the City of Culture University partnership, Coventry Creates digitally showcases the collaborative artworks between researchers and local artists. Discover more about Warwick's involvement and view the digital exhibition.

Of specific interest is the Reintegrate project by Reem Doukmak (Early Career Fellow, IAS Warwick, and Community Participation Officer, CRMC) [Researcher] and Paul O'Donnell (Theatre maker, Co-Founder and Producer of Shoot Festival) [Artist]. Researcher and artist asked, 'Can drama benefit refugee and asylum-seeking communities?'. This project captures refugees and local community's voices through interviews, questionnaires, self-produced text, visual materials, and performance, and illuminates questions of integration in times of uncertainty.