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What you can do

This page includes ideas of things you can do to support a culture of safety, solidarity, and empowerment for people seeking sanctuary within, and beyond, the University.


What we can all do

One of the most valuable things we can do all do is educate ourselves.

Do you know the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee? Are you familiar with the UK asylum process? Do you know why people migrate?

Our introductory training module is designed to assist staff and students at Warwick to develop insights into the life of asylum seeker and refugee students in the UK. This presentation will take you on an interactive learning journey allowing you to select and explore information a section at a time.


Staff and student ideas board

Carriers of Hope - Garden Tower

A member of staff in Warwick Medical School became involved with Carriers of Hope, a Coventry-based charity who work closely with refugees and asylum seekers in the city.

Pursuing this voluntary work, she has attained some funding for a 'garden tower' which can grow food hydroponically indoors, with the idea being to grow fresh food for a new 'culturally relevant' food bank aimed particularly at vulnerable Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic families in the city, in large part as they are lacking in not just fresh food, but fresh food that reminds them of home.

If you would like to be involved in this project or make a donation - please contact Anne-Marie Chilton at .

Stand with Ukraine Staff Network

This staff network has been set up to:

  • Create a network of people across campus with a common goal.
  • Co-ordinate efforts to volunteer time, items and ideas.
  • Match needs with offers of support.
  • Tap into existing experience in the staff body of working with refugee charities and similar organisations.
  • Signpost to external resources and professional support.

Take the Ration Challenge

Join with thousands of others across the UK and eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee for one week, raise money and change lives.

Unwanted Laptops and Computers

A member of staff has initiated a project seeking to assist local refugee children as, particularly during lockdown, many have been struggling to keep up with schooling because they don't have laptops or computers that are increasingly becoming a requirement of education.

If you have an old computer, laptop or phone that you no longer want/need, please contact Anne-Marie Chilton at , who will, with the charity Carriers of Hope's expert input, ensure that they are fully wiped before being distributed where they are needed.


There are a number of organisations locally that staff and students can volunteer with to support people seeking sanctuary in Coventry:

"Being at Warwick has been truly amazing. I particularly enjoy the friendly atmosphere both in my department and in the university in general. Warwick has a lot to offer, not only in academia, but also through the various entertainment and sport facilities. While practising any activity on campus, I have always felt included and surrounded by supportive people who are doing their best to make my experience positive."

Sanctuary Student, Life Sciences