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UG Sanctuary Scholarships 2023-2024

Section 1 - Personal Details

Section 2 - Educational History

Section 3 - Eligibility for Sanctuary Scholarship

Please select the category which best describes your current immigration status in the UK - Mark only ONE available option (required)

Section 4 - Required Attachments/ Documents



Please attach your personal statement (under Section 4 "Attach file"). In no more than 750 words, please tell us why we should choose you as a scholar.  Yours statement should include:

1.  Details of your personal and family circumstances and the barriers you may have faced in continuing your education - with particular reference to your current status in the UK.  You do not need to give details of the events that led you to seek asylum unless you wish to do so.

2.  Your ambitions for the future, why you have chosen your course of study and how the Sanctuary Scholarship will help you to achieve your goals.

3.  Details of your and your family's current financial circumstances.

4.  Any additional support you feel you may need to succeed at university.



The Referee's Supporting Statement is an important part of the selection process.  Ideally, your referee should know you in a professional capacity, such as a social worker, doctor, solicitor or welfare adviser.  The referee statement must be on letter headed paper and be signed and dated by your referee.

Please attach your referee's statement (under Section 4 "Attach file") of no more than 750 words.  Your referee should include the following information:

1.  What are the applicant's personal and financial circumstances and what barriers have they overcome to continue their education?

2.  How well suited is the applicant to the higher education course they plan to take and how realistic are the student's ambitions?

3.  What contribution, to your knowledge, has the applicant made to his or her school/college and local community.

4.  Is there any other information that you consider is relevant to the student's application?

5.  How do you think the student would benefit from the support offered by the Warwick University UG Sanctuary Scholarship?



Please upload evidence of your immigration status. This could be a copy of your BRP or a Home Office Letter.                                                       

Attach file
No files are currently attached.

Section 5 - Referee Details


Referee Details


Section 6 - Declaration

I confirm that:

Before submitting your application, please check that you have attached your evidence, your Personal Statement and your Referees Statement to Section 4.

Privacy notice

The University of Warwick processes all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. By completing this form you agree that the University may use data for the purpose of processing your application, including transferring such data to third parties where it is required to process an application.

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