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UG Sanctuary Scholarships

The Sanctuary Scholarships scheme is open for applications for 2023-2024 study

University of Sanctuary

The University of Warwick is located on the outskirts of the city of Coventry which is recognised as a 'City of Sanctuary'. The 'City of Sanctuary' movement is committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome, especially for those seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. The University of Warwick is committed to creating a culture of welcome for people seeking sanctuary within, and beyond, our campus, and was successfully awarded University of Sanctuary status in 2017.

You may also be able seek support from, who help academics from any country in the world, on any continent, who are being forced to flee.

Scholarships are available to students who are seeking asylum in the UK and are not entitled to receive statutory student financial support from Student Finance England (Wales or Northern Ireland) or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.

Please note that there are limited numbers of Sanctuary Scholarships and not all applications will be successful.

The successful applicants will receive:

  • Full Tuition Fee Support - Students will be offered a non-repayable 100% tuition fee waiver until such time as you are awarded status that enables you to access student finance.
  • Maintenance Support - Students will be awarded a non-repayable grant equivalent to the maximum government Maintenance Loan for 2023-24, £9,488* for students living away from the parental home (e.g., mature student/adult) and £7,987* if they are living in the parental home (dependants) towards living costs and course-related expenses, until such time as you are awarded status that enables you to access student finance.
  • Awarded scholars also will be considered for additional funding equivalent to the Warwick Bursary, this will be managed by the Student Funding Team.

*We are awaiting confirmation of government guidance and regulations for 2023-24 and expect to update this page shortly.


Additional information

  • Contextual offers: You will need to apply to your course at Warwick first and then for a Sanctuary scholarship. We know that grades can be influenced by a range of factors, so to make the processes fairer, we offer contextual admissions on undergraduate courses for refugees and asylum seekers – meaning we may offer a reduced grade requirement or remove other additional requirements.
  • National Asylum Support Service (NASS): If you are currently in receipt of National Asylum Support Service (NASS) we recommend you seek advice from your immigration solicitor, as receiving this scholarship could have implications on your ongoing NASS entitlement.
  • Bank accounts: At this time we are only able to make Scholarship payments into a bank account. You may find our webpages on opening a UK bank account useful.