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Student Green Champions: Actions to go green

Below are actions. Challenge yourself: how many of these can you complete this year?

1Be aware of Warwick's environmental targets

  • Be aware of Warwick's environmental targets

The University of Warwick has set Sustainability as a Strategic Goal. We have declared a Climate Emergency and have set Carbon Reduction Targets of Net Zero emissions by 2030 (Scope 1, direct & Scope 2, indirect emissions) and 2050 (Scope 3, all other indirect emissions)

Read more on Scope 1, 2 & 3 here:

Read the University's targets.

2Calculate your carbon footprint

How much are you doing to cut your personal carbon footprint? Could you do more? Completing the World Wildlife Federation's carbon footprint calculator with honest answers may give you pause for thought.

3Waste not, Want not: Recycle!

Follow the Waste Hierarchy which gives top priority to preventing waste in the first place. When waste is created, it gives priority to preparing it for re-use, then recycling, then recovery, and last of all disposal (e.g. landfill).

Living on campus? Have a look in your bin and talk to the other people in your kitchen. Could you do better? Take a look at recycling guides for your specific area

  • See our A-Z of recycling on campus

Living off-campus? Call the local district council and have recycling bins delivered. Search for a local recycling centre and take all possible items (e.g. batteries/phones).

4Switch it off


  • If it doesn’t need to be on then turn it off. And by off we mean off – learn more about the Warwick Energy and Water Saving competition in halls #CutTheFlow
  • Test your energy-saving knowledge by taking our quiz
  • If you're living off-campus and paying your own bills these energy and water-saving tips can save you a lot of money. You can also order water-saving products for free.

5How do you get around?

There are many ways to get to and from campus and around the local area more sustainably.

Bikes: Our campus has over 3,500 cycle parking spaces in over 150 locations. We also have shower facilities, and a network of cycle routes linking the campus to the local area;

Buses: Frequent buses towards Leamington, Kenilworth, Coventry, Earlsdon and Coventry

6Vegetables are good for you. Eat local and Seasonal!

We know meat has a far bigger carbon footprint attached to it than vegetables. If you can reduce or eliminate it from your diet, your carbon footprint will drop as a result. Even just one meal without meat a week helps!

  • Bread Oven on campus does meat-free Mondays
  • Café Library serves one Vegetarian meal a day
  • NAIC Café serves one hot vegetarian dish every evening from 5.00 – 6.30pm.

Talking of food, why not make sure you are throwing as little of it as possible in the bin? Did you know Warwick Conferences have committed to saving food waste through the Too Good To Go app? Download it NOW to enjoy delicious, pocket-friendly food!

too good to go

7BYOB (Bring Your own Bottle...or mug)

How many of the things you buy in plastic bottles really need to be bottled up? Find yourself a funky reusable bottle and refill across campus.

  • Download the Refill app to find a drinking water station on campus or across the UK on the go.
  • While we're on the subject, remember to take a reusable mug to Warwick outlets for 20p off your hot drink, 50p off at Pret a Manger on campus and double the loyalty points at Café Nero at the Sports hub!

    BorrowCup is also soon to begin at the end of January 2020 at Curiositea in the SU. It is a convenient and sustainable on-the-go coffee option, trying to tackle the use of single-use disposable cups by making ones that you can borrow available. Enjoy now, return it later!

8Think Global and Act Local. Where do you shop and what do you buy?

What could you change? Buy vegan, local, zero-waste, ethical products at the Food Co-op happening every Thursday during term time in the SU atrium from 12 pm- 5pm.

9Think about what is “in fashion”

There is a very dark side to the fashion industry which you can watch all about here:

Other ways? Check out frequent events running during term time such as the Swap Shop or the Vintage Kilo sale. Not only this but swap amongst your friends and visit local charity shops such as Action 21, Oxfam or Age UK for some great finds!