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Sustainability Blog

Sustainability HaikuLink opens in a new window

A Sustainability Haiku written by Gary Stocker. This was a poem written by Gary for an assignment of an online sustainability course.

UWLHC - Winning Climate Reality's Sustainable Sport Society Competition!Link opens in a new window

HogBlog: Waking up from Hibernation - Helen ThomasLink opens in a new window

Learn from Helen Thomas about how to help hedgehogs coming out of hibernation! There are lots of easy, practical ways that we can help them throughout the spring months.

Digging (and other things) for Victory - Gary Stocker

Gary is a test engineer with WMG at the University of Warwick. Read about his experiences volunteering with Foundry Wood and how you can get involved.

February 2022

HogBlog - Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas is a staff representative in the University's Hedgehog Friendly Working Group. Read about what made her a self-confessed hedgehog fan and what we can all do to help stop the decline of hedgehogs and other species in our countryside.

December 2021