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Learning Circle 11: Co-Producing Research and Collaborating with communities

two wooden figures connecting puzzle piecesMembership

Chair: James Hodkinson, Foundation Fellow (Faculty of Arts)

WIE Team Link: Andrew Todd

Members: Kate Owen, Helen Wheatley, Eric Holub, Jerry Yu, Mark Knights, Paul Barlow, Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, Becky Morris, Jacqui Butler, Jack Jones, Emma Langley, Mark Hinton, Eleanor Hoverd, Naomi de la Tour, Yasmin Rahman, Sophie Staniszewska, Penny Kechagioglou.

Achievements January - July 2021

So far we've met once and produced a survey of key areas of co-production for us to begin work on. We're working on the development of a case-study template for current activities and intend to roll this out shortly.

Ambitions into 2022

We are planning to develop a showcase of 8-10 current Warwick case-studies of successful co-production/ collaboration. From this will produce a report which outlines the current state of co-production at Warwick.

This report will help us identify our next priority area and where we move from here. We're intending to being in key external stakeholders who can work with us to develop our thinking.

Finally we're working with the WIE team and LC 5 to develop criteria for, as well as review applications for, the new WIE Collaboration FundLink opens in a new window.