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Policy Engagement

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Working with Policy Makers is a good way to make sure your research is having an impact and you're able to see it being used to make a difference to society. Warwick has several connections and resources to help you develop your relationships with Policy Makers, and we've also put together a short series of videos which will help you understand how policy gets made and how you can work with different types of policy makers to influence it.

Working with Policy Makers

Understanding the world of policy engagement

Dr Jamie Gallagher

This four part video series covers

  • Introduction to Policy Engagement (8mins)
  • Mapping policy engagement: Finding allies and enemies. (6mins)
  • Legislative process: What how do we go from idea to law and how do you interact with that process (5mins)
  • Influencing Policy (8mins)

Support available from Warwick

Sam Roseveare, Strategy Group

There are a number of tools and resources available to Warwick staff wanting to work with policy makers, including:

  • Industry and Parliament Trust
  • Whitehall and Industry Group
  • Policy Mogul

Visit this page to discover more about each one and how to access it.