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University Management

The Vice-Chancellor and President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and therefore chief academic and administrative officer, and has responsibility for the development and implementation of institutional strategy and delivery. They are supported by the University Executive Board which, in addition to themselves, comprises the Provost, the Registrar, the Group Finance Director, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, the Secretary to Council, the Commercial Director, the Chief Information and Transformation Officer and the Chief Communications Officer.

The University Executive Board is supported by a number of sub-groups and reports to the University Council and the Senate.


The Chancellor is the ceremonial Head of the University, whose official duties are to confer degrees on behalf of the University. Beyond the formal and representational duties, the Chancellor plays a key role in the University’s life by promoting the work and ambitions of the University in the UK and overseas. The Chancellor also plays an important role in the development and fundraising activities of the University.

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Senior Leadership Team and University Executive Board Members

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