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Dr Sirus Pussayanavin

sirus-photo.jpgCourse: PhD in Strategic Management, Warwick Business School 2009-14
City of residence: Bangkok, Thailand
Employer: Department of Trade Negotiation, Ministry of Commerce
Interests: Theatre, Travel, Coffee, Music (Jazz, Classics, Bossanova)
Contact details:

Do you have any fond memories?

Basically, so many things. I really had a wonderful time both academically and personally. Warwick provides me a balanced life. In term of academic, my supervisor was so dedicated to enhance my knowledge, my classmates were friendly and supportive, and the university’s graduate school was so helpful to build my research-related skills. Apart from academic, the university international office offered many one-day trips during term time, the art centre and movie society always had many great shows, sport centre was very nice, and there were so many event all through the year organised both by university and student. Plus, there were many part time jobs available that help supporting my living expense. Moreover, university’s staffs were also very considerate. All in all, at Warwick, not only can I develop my knowledge but also enjoy my time as an international student. Clearly, it was one of the greatest experience in my life.

Where did you live while you were at Warwick?

Cannon park area (not university accommodation)

Were you a member of any societies?

Buddhist society and Thai Student Society

What are you doing now?

Trade Officer (Professional level) at Bureau of Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe Department of Trade Negotiation, Ministry of Commerce. My main responsible is to monitor, analyze and report on trade related activities of countries from Middle East, especially UAE and Iraq, and Eastern Europe, espeically Turkey, that may affect Thailand’s Trade positioning in order to propose resolution strategies and policies. My current assignment is preparing for an FTA negotiation between Thailand and Turkey.

Why did you decide to become an alumni ambassador?

I hope that I can be of help to my beloved university as well as prospective Thai students. As a PhD graduate (WBS) who spent 4 years in Warwick, I know pretty much everything about the university and student life. I also conduct an informal pre-departure talk for new Thai students for the last 4 years when I visited home (2010-2014). Plus, I wrote some basic information (in Thai) about settle down in Warwick for new Thai student (eg. accommodation, banking, NHS, etc) in my facebook as well as in Warwick Thai society facebook, where I was a senior advisor. It seems that what I did is a kind of informal Warwick ambassador for new student from Thailand so I want to do it properly and get more involvement.

What kind of events do you run? Do you get a good turnout?

Pre-departure briefing for both British council and Consortium UK (an agent for Warwick university). Lots of new students attended and gained enough information required to settle down nicely at Warwick.

Anything else you care to add?

I have quite a good relationship while working with both Warwick agent in Thailand (Consortium UK) (Mr Justin Moseley) and international office (Mr Ben Meering, who I worked with during my time in Warwick) as well as Mr Imran Hashim (Singapore office).