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Meet the team

Our team is passionate, driven, diverse and energetic.

On this page, you can find out a little more about some of our team members including their roles, what their working day involves and what they most enjoy about working at Warwick.

What we do

We've an outstanding track record of engaging Warwick's global alumni community.

Ed Rawlings, Leadership Fundraising Executive

About me: Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed the positivity that comes from meeting new people and finding out what motivates them. Having worked in the motor industry most of life I decided to take a leap into a different sector. In joining the University, I wanted to be part of a culture committed to making a difference and use all the skills I have developed in my previous role in a new and positive way. Outside of work, I’m kept busy being a taxi driver to my two children and I love of all sports, particularly Golf, NFL (Chicago Bears) and Football (Aston Villa).

My role: I encourage global support of our many projects from Warwick alumni and friends of the university. My role is to find a match between their interests and a specific programme.

My working day involves: Exploring the culture, history, and objectives of Warwick, helping to develop the huge number of projects and programmes that the University has to offer, encouraging and establishing where philanthropic support is required. This involves collaborating with colleagues, academics, students, and university staff on topics which differ from day to day and sharing this information with potential donors.

The project I’ve most enjoyed working on: I’m particularly motivated by projects that really make a difference to people’s lives and continue to give young people opportunities to succeed in education where otherwise there would have been barriers.

Fun fact: I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes! Not quite a world record but I’m proud of it!

Sabath Shazia, Donor Relations Officer - Development

About me: A foodie and a traveller, I love meeting and networking with new people around the globe and staying connected. I’m always up for a challenge and trying out fun activities too. I love socialising, and enjoy yoga, meditation, and some me time! 

My role: Delivering a comprehensive strategy to thank and engage donors of all levels, I also lead on our Scholar Ambassador initiative here at Warwick. Scholar Ambassadors are a group of brilliant students supported by philanthropy who help with events, campus tours and attending prospect meetings. Scholar reports are another key area within my role; I collate these through our scholars and put them together for donors.  

My working day involves: Arranging events, editing videos, putting reports together and liaising with academics on different projects and comms.  

The project I’ve most enjoyed working on: Filming our scholars on their graduation days! Their student journeys at Warwick show the great impact of their scholarship programmes.  

Fun fact: I was invited to attend Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Garden Party through the voluntary work I do with charities. I have also travelled to 30+ countries and still counting. 

Rebecca Kilcullen, Head of Alumni & Supporter Engagement

About me: I love all things content and engagement and enjoy telling stories that truly engage an audience.

My role: I manage our programme of alumni engagement, encompassing all the many ways in which former students can stay connected to Warwick for life.

My working day involves: Anything from planning how our many amazing alumni can help to support students, to finding out about our incredible research to make sure we can spread the word.

The project I’ve most enjoyed working on: I’d like all of our alumni community around the world to stay engaged with the University, wherever they go and whatever they do. And for our students to start thinking of themselves as ‘future alumni’ from the moment they receive their offer from Warwick.

What I most enjoy about working at Warwick: The appetite to really drive change for global good.

Fun fact: The collective noun for a group of orangutans is a buffoonery.

Vicky Law, Alumni Engagement Officer

About me: Hi, I’m Vicky! I love to travel and explore new places, as well as going to see live music and comedy and getting out and about with my cockapoo, Ginny! I joined Warwick in 2022, after previously working in the charity sector. It was a learning curve coming to such a huge organisation but everyone I’ve met is so friendly and willing to help.

My Role: In my role, I work with alumni from several the University’s SEM departments to keep them engaged and connected to the University and to help them achieve the aims they have in terms of giving their time to support future students or the Uni’s projects.

My working Day involves: It’s hard to pin down what a single day in the role looks like but it’s a combination of the following and more - speaking to alumni to learn more about their journey and what they enjoy or are interested in, supporting alumni events, meeting with department contacts to strengthen working relationships, thinking creatively to enhance our offer to alumni, sourcing speakers for events.

The project I’ve enjoyed working on: I really enjoy working on graduations whenever they come round. The vibe on campus is so joyful and it’s a treat to bring alumni back to campus during this time and to have them share their wisdom at the ceremonies.

What I enjoy about my working day: It’s such a varied role (as you can see above!) and a pleasure to get to know our alumni who have gone on to do some truly amazing things since their time at Warwick. I also enjoy when the ‘match making’ between alumni and opportunities comes to fruition, it’s incredibly rewarding!

Fun Fact: Otters hold hands when sleeping to avoid drifting away from one another – it also helps them with flotation and energy conservation!

Andrea Crowley, Deputy Director of Development (Alumni and Supporter Engagement)

About me: I’m friendly and hardworking, I always do my best to achieve a positive outcome and support the team to achieve ambitious goals.

My role: I lead the Alumni, Events, Prospect Research, Data Management, Finance and Gift Admin teams. We’re also responsible for Development Operations and ensuring departmental compliance with the Fundraising Regulator, Information Security and Financial Regulations. I work closely with institutional stakeholders to ensure we are joined up with our academic and professional services colleagues.

My working day involves: Lots of meetings and paperwork, with time for thinking if I’m lucky! Reviewing priority projects – CRM, alumni events, policy development – giving direction and support to the team to ensure progress and helping to unpick challenges. Negotiating with funders and stakeholders where needed. Hearing about our amazing academics, alumni and donors and developing strategies to bring them together.

What I most enjoy about working at Warwick: Working with brilliant people across academic and professional departments, being exposed to a wide variety of projects, being part of an expanding Development and Alumni Engagement function, helping to create a culture of philanthropy. 

The project I’ve most enjoyed working on: Developing and implementing the strategy for Development and Alumni Engagement with Matt Ferguson, Director of Development and Natalie Lloyd, Deputy Director of Development (Philanthropy).

Fun fact: I’m a fan of musicals and have been known to break into song mid-meeting if there’s a line that sets me off!