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Media Hub and Stories

Alumni Story City of Culture Image

Coventry City of Culture

Olivia Konotey-Ahulu takes an alumnus' view on the excitement of Coventry being announced as City of Culture 2021, and considers what it could mean for the rest of the country

Alumni Story Boris Bridge Image

Boris’s bridge: bonkers or brilliant?

Our engineering expert, Wanda Lewis, Emeritus Professor, Civil Engineering assesses whether Boris Johnson’s ‘English bridge’ to the continent is a bridge too far…

Alumni Story History Image

The Warwick Story

Discover the Warwick Story and heritage through a series of podcasts, highlighting the development of Higher Education and research in the UK, the history of student life and the social and cultural history of Britain after 1945.

Alumni JLR Self Drive Cars Image

Around the bend?

WMG at the University of Warwick is working with Jaguar Land Rover in a key part of a £4.7 million project called AutopleX which will develop vehicles that can ‘see’ around corners and through obstacles, enhancing the capability of self-driving cars.