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Classics Society Ancient Drama Festival

The undergraduate Classics Society puts on an annual ancient drama at the University of Warwick. This production is chosen, designed, directed and acted in entirely by Warwick students. In recent years, this has also been linked to a series of workshop events for local schools, exploring the role of drama in ancient society and the processes of production for the play. In January 2016, students from the Classics Society led the annual Ancient Drama Festival, performing a professional and immensely enjoyable rendition of Aristophanes' Lysistrata to both visiting school students and the general public.

This year we had over 550 children from across the Midlands attend the performance, which was a great success. The children also enjoyed talks from staff members and from our special guest speaker Professor Alistair Blanchard, an IAS Visiting Fellow from University of Queensland. Professor Blanchard gave a lecture titled 'The Greeks and Us'. which you can view here:


We warmly invite you to the Classics Society public performance of Sophicle’s Antigone at Warwick Arts Centre on 23rd January 2017. With a chance for alumni to meet the cast and crew after the performance, it promises to be a great evening!
Please contact for more information, or get your tickets at Warwick Arts Centre.