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Events calendar

Wed 20 Nov, '19
Work in Progress Seminar

Lucy Cockburn (Warwick): ψυχη and θυμος in Xenophon's Peri Hippikes' 

Kieren Johns (Warwick): "A Most Valiant Lion and a Most Cunning Fox" Negotiating the Political Authority of the ‘Outsider’ Through Septimius Severus’

Wed 27 Nov, '19
Welcome Lecture

Prof. Eric Csapo (Warwick) - Welcome Lecture

'Is the Kleophon Painter's Krater in Copenhagen a Representation of Dithyramb, or something even more Interesting?'

Wed 4 Dec, '19
Work in Progress Seminar

Charlotte Mann (Warwick): 'The "Patron Relationship" Between Emperor and Army During the Reign of Antoninus Pius (137-161 CE)'  

Alessandra Tafaro (Warwick) ‘Amphitheatrical Poetics. Power and Monuments in Martial’s Liber Spectaculorum 

Wed 15 Jan, '20
Work in Progress Seminar

Prof. Judith Mossman (Coventry): 'Male Speech in Euripides' Trojan Women'

Thu 30 Jan, '20
Warwick Classics Presents Oedipus Rex
Warwick Arts Centre
Fri 31 Jan, '20
Warwick Ancient Drama Festival Schools Day
University of Warwick
Thu 2 Apr, '20
Applying for German Funding
Wolfson Research Exchange

Led by Prof. Fleur Kemmers (Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main), as part her role in as the Humanities Research Centre Visiting Speaker.

Fri 3 Apr, '20
The world in your hand. New directions in numismatic research.