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Staff research interests

We have particular research interests in the following areas and welcome applications from prospective postgraduate students.

  • Ancient athletics (David Fearn, Zahra Newby, Michael Scott)
  • Ancient medicine (Caroline Petit, Simon Swain, Uwe Vagelpohl)
  • Ancient rhetoric (Caroline Petit, Victoria Rimell)
  • Art, epigraphy and numismatics (Kevin Butcher, Alison Cooley, David Fearn, Suzanne Frey-Kupper, Zahra Newby, Clare Rowan, Michael Scott)
  • Augustus and the early principate (Alison Cooley)
  • Classical traditions (Maude Vanhaelen)
  • Comparative literature (Elena Giusti, David Fearn, Victoria Rimell)
  • Critical theory (David Fearn, Elena Giusti, Victoria Rimell, Clare Rowan)
  • Greek social and cultural history (James Davidson, David Fearn, Michael Scott, Emmanuela Bakola)
  • Greek religion and Greek sanctuaries (Michael Scott, David Fearn, Emmanuela Bakola)
  • Greek political history (archaic - classical) (David Fearn, Michael Scott)
  • Greek Literature (Emmanuela Bakola, David Fearn)
  • Greek performance culture (Emmanuela Bakola)
  • Greek, Punic and Roman Sicily (Suzanne Frey-Kupper)
  • Late antiquity (Caroline Petit, Simon Swain)
  • Latin humanism (Maude Vanhaelen)
  • Latin literature (Elena Giusti, Victoria Rimell)
  • Numismatics and monetary history (Kevin Butcher, Suzanne Frey-Kupper, Clare Rowan, Marguerite Spoerri Butcher)
  • Reception (Emmanuela Bakola, David Fearn, Elena Giusti, Caroline Petit, Victoria Rimell)
  • Reception of ancient medicine in the Renaissance (Caroline Petit)
  • Reception of Greek thought in Arabic culture (Simon Swain, Uwe Vagelpohl)
  • Reception of Platonism in the Renaissance (Maude Vanhaelen)
  • Roman economy (Kevin Butcher)
  • Roman history (Alison Cooley, Clare Rowan)
  • Roman Syria (Kevin Butcher)
  • Rome and the North Western Provinces (Suzanne Frey-Kupper)
  • Sexuality and gender (James Davidson, Victoria Rimell)
  • The Western Mediterranean (Suzanne Frey-Kupper)

For further details please see individual staff profiles and departmental research projects.