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Current departmental research projects

This page lists current departmental research projects which have attracted targeted internal and external investment. For individual interests, please see the staff profiles and Research clusters pages.

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roman theatre

The Materiality of Graeco-Roman Festivals (Zahra Newby). Funded by the Leverhulme Trust (2017-2020).

token from ephesos

Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean

(Clare Rowan) ERC Starting Grant (2016-2021).


Galen's Commentary to the Hippocratic Epidemics, Book Six: An Edition and Translation of the Extant Arabic Translation (Uwe Vagelpohl). Wellcome Trust Research Fellowship (2012-2018).

sicily coin

Historia Numorum Sicily (Suzanne Frey-Kupper with Keith Rutter and John Morcom)


Streamlining Galen: Medical Summaries and the Transmission of Medicine in Medieval Islam (Uwe Vagelpohl and Simon Swain). Wellcome Trust Collaborative Award (2019-2024)

Rome and the Coinages of the Mediterranean

(Kevin Butcher). ERC Advanced Grant, 2019-2024.


The meaning and impact of luxuries across the ancient world 100 BCE-300 CE (Michael Scott). Funded by the Leverhulme Trust (2017-18)


Medical Prognosis in Late Antiquity

(Caroline Petit). Wellcome Trust University Award (2013-2018).