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Public Engagement with the WCN

Dr Paul Grigsby and student Rebecca Preedy

Public Engagement lies at the core of everything that the WCN does, from hosting on-campus events for schools and actively engaging the local community through its travelling museum and Roman Coventry Project, through to engaging with local cultural institutions such as Museums, and getting Warwick Classics stidents to create their own public engagement projects.

In July 2022 Dr Paul Grigsby of the WCN (left with student Rebecca Preedy) was awarded a Warwick Award for Public and Community Engagement [WAPCE] for his engagement work with the WCN.

Below you can link to find out more about our student engagement, engagement with schools, and the engagement we are undertaking with local museums.

Roman Cookery workshopStudent Public Engagement

Find out more about the public engagement work undertaken by our amazing Classics students here at Warwick. Learn about our 'Public Engagement in Classics' module, and the module 'Stories of Objects. Find out about the various projects being undertaken by our students including URSS projects among others, and see how our students are creating resources and projects that are benefitting pupils around the country.

Salt dough centurion - Blue Coat School

Public Engagement with Schools

Find out about the work the WCN are doing with local schools and schools across the country to spread their love of Classics and the ancient world to new audiences. Learn about the work we are doing with the charity Classics for All, and about the projects we have created to engage our local Coventry and Warwickshire school, such as our Roman Coventry Project, Travelling Artefacts, and Roman Cookery workshop.

Silver demarii coin hoard Warwickshire MuseumPublic Engagement with Museums

Find out about the work the WCN are currently developing with local Museums to help spread the fascination of the ancient world and encourage more people to visit their local cultural institutions. Current projects include an exciting new research project on two silver denarii coin hoards housed at Market Hall Museum, Warwick.

Engaging the Wider Community

The Department of Classics and Ancient History here at Warwick are actively involved with bringing their fascinating subject to the wider community around Coventry, Warwickshire and well beyond. Find out more here about our work, including our wide range of blogs on various topics in Classics and Ancient History created by members of the Department, such as our Material Musings blog and others; the amazing and popular annual Warwick Ancient Drama Festival run by Warwick Classics students, with a schools day and public performances; our online resources which have been useful to the wider public during Covid lockdown for Homeschooling; and much, much more.