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Information for offer holders

Congratulations on receiving an offer to study Classics at Warwick!

Thank you for applying to study with us. This is an exciting time with some important decisions to be made, and we're here to support you along the way. From attending an offer holder open day, right through to results day and hopefully enrolment.

Join us for a live chat

We're hosting online live chats where you can speak to members of our department, who'll be happy to answer any of your questions about Classics and Ancient History at Warwick.

You might want to find out more about the different degrees we offer, what modules you might study, assessment methods at Warwick, studying abroad and opportunities available beyond the classroom. This is your chance to ask us any of your questions.

When you get your results

Fingers crossed you got the results you wanted!

If you did, and you picked Warwick as your firm choice - then great, we're looking forward to seeing you in October! Take a look below for information for new students and on what you can be doing during the summer to prepare for your degree.

If you picked Warwick as your firm choice, but didn't manage to meet your offer grades, don't panic. The Admissions team (Dr Conor Trainor and Prof David Fearn) will look carefully at every case in the days around the release of results. We can decide to accept you or to offer you a place on a different Classics course, in which case you will be hearing from us shortly after results are released.

If you picked Warwick as your insurance offer, and missed your grades for your firm choice, we will also look at your application and may decide to offer you a place, which you can take up if your firm choice university does not accept you. Again, you will be hearing from us soon after results are released.

If you enter Clearing, Warwick - depending on how many people applied to us in any particular year - may be looking for students in the Clearing process. In which case, get in touch with the Warwick Clearing Team hotline, or we may well give you a call to see if you are interested in coming to Warwick. Students are also welcome to contact us about a place through Adjustment.