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Undergraduate study

At Warwick, Classics and Ancient History is not just a study of the past. Our array of undergraduate programmes seamlessly integrates traditional scholarship with innovative approaches, bridging the ancient world to contemporary application and learning.

Work closely with award-winning academics, guiding your academic journey across the diverse disciplines we explore. Your experience goes beyond textbooks as you engage in discussions, symposiums, handle artefacts, create video presentations, and visit museum collections. Our collaborative environment fosters critical and creative thinking, providing you with invaluable skills for your future - wherever in the world they may take you.

Discover our degrees

Our Single Honours

Discover the ancient world through our single honours degrees.

Explore ancient texts in the original languages (or through translations). Discover ancient history and thought. Uncover ancient art and archaeology.

Our Joint Honours

Can’t decide between Shakespeare and Sophocles, or Aristotle and Atwood?

Study both the ancient past and the contemporary world through one of our Joint Honours degrees.

Tailor your degree and blend disciplines, from literature to archaeology, to develop interdisciplinary excellence, and a unique perspective that reflects you.

Study in Europe Options

Unlock global perspectives with our European study options in Classics and Ancient History.

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and enrich your education.

Studying Classics at Warwick

Modules and assessment

All our degrees feature core modules that support the rest of your learning. Our assessment methods are typically essays and exams although we also have modules with non-traditional assessment methods.

Teaching and learning

You’ll be taught in a variety of ways, through a combination of traditional methods such as lectures, seminars and tutorials alongside assigned reading. As well as variety of non-traditional methods like staging a symposium and site visits.

Preparing for your future

Dedicated careers advice

Your experience doesn’t stop when your degree finishes. It’s important that the skills and experiences you gain from your degree prepare you for life – including the career path you take.

You’ll have access to a Senior Careers Consultant within the department who offers impartial advice and guidance, together with workshops and events.

Further support

Contact us

Dr. Conor Trainor

Admissions Officer


Student Life

Experience vibrant student life in Classics and Ancient History at Warwick. Engage in lively discussions, collaborate on projects, and join enriching extracurricular activities. Forge lasting connections while exploring the wonders of the classical world. From museum visits to the annual play, there is something for your interests inside or outside of the department.