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Postgraduate students' current research topics


  • Joanna Kemp: Led Across the Danube: Interactions between Rome and the Danubian-Pontic peoples in the first two centuries AD. Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley
  • Miriam Hay: Defining a Late Antique Aesthetic in Art and Text. Supervisor: Prof Zahra Newby
  • Nathan Murphy: Coins: A Third-Century Crisis? Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Victoria Jewell: Colour in Greek and Roman Art. Supervisors: Prof Zahra Newby & Prof Michael Scott
  • Simone Mollea: Humanitas. Prof Victoria Rimell & Dr Maude Vanhaelen
  • Kathryn Thompson: Fascinum: the apotropaic phallus in the ancient and modern imagination. Supervisor: Prof Alison Cooley
  • Nigel Heathcote: Tyrants at Rome. Supervisor: Prof Zahra Newby
  • James Nicholas Currie: The Transformation of the Sacred Landscape of Republican and Early Imperial Sicily. Supervisor: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper
  • Nicholas Brown: The Inscribed Sculptures of Archaic Greece. Supervisors: Dr David Fearn & Prof. Michael Scott
  • Denise Wilding: Tokens. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Paloma Perez-Galvan: Epigraphic manuscripts in the Renaissance. Supervisors: Prof Ingrid De Smet & Prof Alison Cooley
  • David Swan: Celtic coinage. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof Kevin Butcher
  • George Green: Coinage. Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher
  • Martina Russo: The politics and poetics of flattery in Seneca the Younger. Prof Victoria Rimell
  • Effimia Stavropoulou: Metals in Greek literature. Supervisor: Dr Emmanuela Bakola
  • Annie Sharples: Disability in the Ancient World. Supervisor: Prof. Michael Scott
  • Alessandra Tafaro: Inscribing Flavian Rome: Epigraphic Strategies of Martial’s Epigrams. Supervisors: Prof Alison Cooley & Prof Victoria Rimell


  • Giles Penman: Classicizing iconography on British medals and war memorials of the Great War and contemporary and modern responses. Supervisors: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper & Dr Pierre Purseigle
  • Saverio De Rosa: Sicilian coinage. Supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper
  • Kieren Johns: Severan culture. Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof.Zahra Newby
  • Carlo Lualdi: War, history, iconographies and contexts from southern Italy, 4th-1st c. BC. Supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper
  • Jonathan Madge: Coping with Catastrophe: Political Responses to Natural Disasters between 100 BC and AD 138. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley
  • Simone Mucci: Galen's On Antidotes. Supervisor: Dr Caroline Petit
  • Alessio Ranno. Pindar. Supervisors: Dr David Fearn & Prof. Enrico Medda (Pisa)

MA by Research

  • Jack Stradling. Topography of Violence in Rome. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley
  • Karl Schutes. Supervisor: Prof. Kevin Butcher
  • Harvey Aungles. The performance of social relationships in Fronto's Letters. Supervisor: Prof. Victoria Rimell
  • Jessica Burkinshaw. The Cult of Serapis. Supervisors: Dr Conor Trainor & Prof. Zahra Newby
  • Cara Grove. Antigonids and the Sanctuary of Great Gods at Samothrace. Supervisors Dr Conor Trainor & Prof. Michael Scott
  • Katherine Hyatt. Female sexuality in Rome. Supervisor: Prof. Victoria Rimell
  • Maria Karolidou. Themistius. Supervisor: Dr Caroline Petit
  • Matthew Smith. Dreams in ancient medical texts. Supervisor Dr Caroline Petit.

Taught MA in Ancient Visual and Material Culture

  • Jacqui Butler

  • Gemma Walton
  • Beth Moreing



Recent Publications by our postgraduates: