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Postgraduate students' current research topics


  • Victoria Jewell: Colour Constructs in Ancient Greek Society. Supervisors: Prof Zahra Newby & Prof Michael Scott.
  • Lucy Felmingham-Cockburn: Xenophon's Peri Hippikes. Supervisor: Prof. Michael Scott.
  • Kieren Johns: Material representations of Severan imperial power (AD 180 - 235). Supervisors: Dr Clare Rowan & Prof. Alison Cooley.
  • Jonathan Madge: Coping with Catastrophe: Political Responses to Natural Disasters between 100 BC and AD 138. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley.
  • Charlotte Mann: Imperial Power and Authority under the Antonine emperors (117-192 CE). Supervisor: Dr Clare Rowan (co-tutelle with Macquarie).
  • Giles Penman: Ancient Greek and Roman imagery on British civil cultural artefacts relating to the Great War and its post-war commemoration, 1914-1939. Supervisors: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper & Dr Pierre Purseigle (History Dept).
  • Carlo Lualdi: The faces of war: Allies and enemies from late Classical times to the Social war in Southern Italy Supervisors: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper & Dr William Mack (Birmingham).
  • Simone Mucci: Galen's On Antidotes. Supervisor: Dr Caroline Petit.
  • Matthew Evans: Gymnasia: Architecture and Experience. Supervisors: Prof. Zahra Newby & Prof. Michael Scott.
  • Manuela Marai: Galen's Pharmacological Texts as a Potential Source of New Plant-Derived Antimicrobial Agents. Supervisors: Dr Caroline Petit & Dr Freya Harrison (School of Life Sciences).
  • Lucrezia Sperindio: Tragedy and the tragic in Horace's Odes. Supervisors: Prof. Victoria Rimell & Dr Elena Giusti.
  • Alessandro Bona: From Coin Finds to the Economic and Social History of a Roman town. The case of Mediolanum. Supervisors: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Fupper & Prof. Claudia Perassi (Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth of Milan).
  • Alessio Ranno. Pindar. Supervisors: Dr David Fearn & Prof. Enrico Medda (Pisa).
  • Jacqui Butler: Images of female mythological sacrificial characters and the role of the feminine in Roman art. Supervisor: Prof. Zahra Newby.
  • Danchen Zhang: Winds in Greek drama. Supervisor: Dr. Emmanuela Bakola.
  • Nathalia Kristensen: The coinage from Palmyra as an investigative tool: monetisation processes and economic patterns in Roman Syria. Supervisor: Prof. Kevin Butcher.


  • Sue Walker: Coinage and sacred spaces at the late Iron Age and Roman Sanctuary at Uley. Supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper.
  • Richard Allard-Meldrum: The role of imperial women during the reigns of the "Soldier Emperors": 235-284 CE. Supervisors: Dr. Clare Rowan and Prof. Alison Cooley.

MA by Research

  • Cara Grove: Antigonids and the Sanctuary of Great Gods at Samothrace. Supervisors Dr Conor Trainor & Prof. Michael Scott.
  • Katherine Hyatt: Female sexuality in Rome. Supervisor: Prof. Victoria Rimell.
  • Lydia Wardle: 'Visitor responses to neo-classical design and the display of classical antiquities in English country estates during the long 18th century'. Supervisor: Prof. Alison Cooley.
  • Louise Shaw: Gender fluidity in Ancient Greece. Supervisor: Prof. James Davidson.
  • Charles Ford: Roman funerary monuments of North Africa: a case study on North Eastern Algerian during the early centuries of occupation (100 BCE to 200 CE). Supervisor: Prof. Zahra Newby.



    Recent Publications by our postgraduates:

    • Simone Mucci, “Józef Struś (Josephus Struthius) translator of Galen. The case of De antidotis”, Arts et Savoirs [Online], 15 | 2021, Online since 25 June 2021, URL:
    • C. Mann, 'The significance of the military representationof Caracalla upon the coinage of his sole reign (212-217 CE)', Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia vol 28 (2017): 54-65.
    • D. Wilding et al. Tokens, Writing and (Ac)counting: A Conversation with Denise Schmandt-Besserat and Bill Maurer. Exchanges: the Warwick Research Journal, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 1, p. 1-14, oct. 2017. ISSN 2053-9665.