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Joanne Knights

Now that I'm here I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The department offers a massively wide range of subjects, so whatever you're interested in – ancient history, classics or classical civilisation – our department will offer it to you. Things like art, literature, medicine, food, warfare, sex and gender – we have it all and are sure we can cover all of your interests somehow. Student-tutor relationships have always been really, really good. Every student is given a personal tutor as soon as they come to university.

I'm part of the Fencing Society at Warwick; I was women's captain this year and it was a really great thing to do that wasn't academic so it's a really good distraction. I'm also lucky enough to have a job with the Warwick Welcome Service. We're the people in yellow that are running round on open days, smiling and telling you where to go and what to do! The best way for us to make an impression on you is for you to come and see us at an open day and we'll do what we can to make you fall in love with Warwick, like I did