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Careers and employability

We will equip you with the skills and capability to adapt to a workplace which is increasingly affected by accelerated social and technological change.

Graduates from the department have gone on to successful and distinguished careers in a diverse range of fields. These include: Law, Teaching, Civil Service, Theatre, Banking, Marketing and Communications. Hear more from our graduates here.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the degree means that you will develop a broad skillset which includes advanced analytical skills, honed written and verbal communication skills, a thirst for critical evaluation and an awareness of divergent perspectives.

Dedicated advice

Professionally qualified Senior Careers Consultant, Clare Halldron, offers advice and guidance to Classics students, together with workshops and events throughout the year.

Preparing for your future

"I work as a High Value Events Fundraising Manager at Action for Children and have previously worked at other charities like Cancer Research UK and Save the Children.

My Classical Civilisation degree at Warwick helped me develop great project management skills. The contact hours for humanities degrees require a lot of self-motivation and discipline which amongst other things, prepared me to manage deadlines in a work context. My further extra curricular involvement at Warwick (e.g. becoming the President of a society) also gave me invaluable transferable skills in leadership, decision making, collaboration, budgeting and more.”

Molly, High Value Events Fundraising Manager, Action for Children