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Current research

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Graduate students:

Jack Nurpetlian, Coinage in Roman Syria: The Orontes Valley (64 BC – AD 253). (2009-2012) Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher

Marta Barbato (MPhil/PhD), Coin circulation in Central Italy in the Late republican period. (2014-2018, Wolfson Grant funded) Supervisor: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper

Nathan Murphy (MPhil/PhD), Project student on Prof Kevin Butcher's AHRC funded project, A third century crisis? The composition and metallurgy of Roman silver coinage, Septimius Severus to Valerian and Gallienus

Denise Wilding (MPhil/PhD) Student on the ERC-funded project Tokens Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean. Supverisor: Dr Clare Rowan.

David Swan (MPhil/PhD) Analysis of Iron Age Coinage in Britain and Western Gaul. Supervisor: Dr Clare Rowan.

George Green (MPhil/PhD) Gold Coinage. (2016/17-, AHRC funded jointly with Ashmolean) Supervisor: Prof Kevin Butcher

Giles Penman (MPhil/PhD), Classicizing iconography on British Medals and War Memorials of the Great War and Contemporary and Modern Responses. (2017/18-, p/t, Dept. funded) Supervisors: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper and Dr Pierre Puseigle (History Dept.)

Carlo Lualdi, War, History, Iconographies and Contexts from Southern Italy from the End of the Fourth Century BC to the First Half of the First Century BC (from 2018/19, Dept. funded) Supervisor: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper

Charlotte Mann (cotutelle with Macquarie University and the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatics), The Coinage of the Antonine Age. Supervisor: Clare Rowan (Warwick) and Ken Sheedy (Macquarie).