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Mary Magdalene: Why has she been so maligned?
Interview Daily Express 17 March 2017, by Dominic Utton

Roman coins and how they represent those in power:
Kenilworth, St. Nicholas. 20 January 2016; Community course on
Representations of Power in the West, organised by Dr David Lines

The reception of ancient coins in the Renaissance on medallions and on buildings:
Kenilworth, St. Nicholas. 20 February 2015: Community course on
Greece and Rome, organised by Dr David Lines

On Wreaths and Warriors. Coinage and Administration in Rome's First Province:
16th Annual Henry Grunthal Meeting of the New York Numismatic Club, 3 West 51st Street:
10 July 2014, Award of the Henry Grunthal Medal.

For talks and other public engagement see:

Fra Angelico: Noli me tangere

Noli me tangere: Fra Angelico, 1442, Florence, San Marco (wikicommons)