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Mairi Gkikaki

Honorary Research Fellow
Mairi GkikakiEmail: M dot Gkikaki at warwick dot ac dot uk
Mairi is a classical archaeologist and a numismatist. She joined the University of Warwick in October 2016 after having worked for the Greek Ministry of Culture as well as the Acropolis Museum. Her publications are concerned with Greek Numismatics and art of the Classical and Hellenistic period.

Research interests

Mairi is a team member of the project Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean and is preparing a monograph focusing on the tokens of Hellenistic and Roman Athens and the political, economic, religious, cultural and social roles that these tokens played.


  • BA; MA (Athens)
  • PhD (Würzburg)

Selected Publications

Edited Volumes

  • Tokens in Classical Athens and Beyond, Liverpool University Press: Studies in Ancient History 2023
  • Tokens. Culture, Connections, Communities. Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication no. 57 (co-edited with Antonino Crisa and Clare Rowan) 2019


  • Symbola. Athenian tokens from the Classical to the Roman Period, Liverpool University Press (2023)
  • Die weiblichen Frisuren auf den Münzen und in der Großplastik zur Zeit der Klassik und des Hellenismus. Reihe Internationale Archäologie Band 126, Marie Leidorf Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-89646-540-5


  • ‘Tokens of Roman Imperial Athens: The Power of Cultural Memory’, in Z. Newby (ed.) The Material Dynamics of Festivals in the Graeco-Roman East, Oxford University Press. Studies in Ancient Documents (2023). 
  • Symbola and the Council of Five Hundred in Classical Athens’, in Tokens in Classical Athens and Beyond. Liverpool University Press: Studies in Ancient History 2023.
  • ‘Athenian Lead Tokens: The Alexandros N. Meletopoulos Collection’, The Numismatic Chronicle 182 (2022) 87-118. 
  • ‘Some thoughts on Individuality in the Representations of Ptolemaic Queens’, Numismatica e Antiquità Classiche Quaderni Tichinesi 50 (2021) 69-85. 
  • ‘Tokens for Festivals in Hellenistic Athens’, in A. Crisà (ed.), Tokens, Value and Identity. Exploring Monetiform Objects in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Travaux du Cercle d’Études Numismatiques 22, Bruxelles: European Centre for Numismatic Studies 2021, 57-75
  • ‘The Seleucids’ Aegis on the Acropolis South Wall’, in K. Kopanias and G. Doulfis (eds.), Technis Empiria. Edited volume in Honor of Professor Gerogia Kokkorou-Alevra - Τέχνης Εμπειρία. Τιμητικός Τόμος για την καθηγήτρια Γεωργία Κοκκορού-Αλευρά, Athens 2020, 227-237. 
  • 'Some New Cast Bronze Coins from Selinus in Würzburg', Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau 96, 2017-2018, 5-15.
  • 'Das Amphiglyphon der Akademie', Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts. Athenische Abteilung 133 (2018), 127-145.
  • 'The unnamed Goddess of the Achaian Koinon Stater’ in P. Marchetti - E. Apostolou (eds.), Coins in the Peloponnese. Mints, Iconography, Circulation, History. Supplement au BCH - Obolos (2018).
  • 'Ancient Greek Coin Hoards: Insights into the History of Euboia’, Z. Tankosic - F. Mavridis - M. Kosma, in Euboia - An Island between two worlds. The Norwegian Institute at Athens (2017), 421-430.
  • ‘The earliest coin series of Thyateira: precursor to the quasi municipal Seleucid Coinage’ Nomismatika Khronika 34 (2016).
  • 'Attische Grabstele mit Dexiosis’, NumAntCl 44 (2015) 71-79.
  • ‘Coins of the Late Roman Necropolis at Plakes, Sounion’, Praktiká IE' Epistīmonikī́s Synántīsīs N.A. Attikī́s : Kalývia Thorikoú Attikī́s, 17-20 Oktōvríou 2013 (Kalyvia: Etaireía Meletṓn Notioanatolikī́s Attikī́s 2015), 533-547.
  • ‘Numismatic Approaches to Jewelry of the 4th century BC’ NumAntCl 42 (2013) 43-55. Token

Tokens in Classical Athens and Beyond: book cover

Tokens in Classical Athens and Beyond

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